Fade-in Fade-out LED Dimmer with Smooth Fading Effect for soft start and stop - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

When constantly powered how much wattage does the device require when not actively fading in or out?
The standby current for both 2 Amp and 8 Amp models is just 25mA.
Can I run it without constant power?
I'd like to use it for indirect ceiling lighting with LED strips, but I don't have a constant power source on my ceiling.
While you physically can run it without constant power, it won't function correctly.
If you don't provide constant power, your LEDs will flash briefly when they first turn on, before starting the smooth fade in. And when you remove power, they will instantly turn off (no smooth fade out).

The Fade-in Fade-out LED Dimmer needs constant power so it can be "on alert" for a signal to turn your LEDs on or off. Take for example your computer: normally you leave it plugged into the wall, and initiate a shut down process from a menu. Before it shuts down, it closes files, cleans up some cache, and safely spins down the hard drive. If you were to simply cut off power by unplugging it from the wall, it would abruptly turn off without doing these things.

There may be some creative ways to still use our Fade-in Fade-out LED Dimmer in your ceiling without installing a new power source. You could leave the Fade-in Fade-out LED Dimmer constantly connected to the existing power source, and use a wireless switch to trigger it on/off.
What’s the max led wattage for the fitting?
8A@12VDC, 4A@24VDC
Can the LED be connected via a PIR sensor?
Yes. Most PIR sensors use a negative output trigger, so we suggest using our 8 amp dimmer which can accept either a positive or negative input trigger. Our 2 amp dimmer will only accept a positive input trigger.
Can the fade in brightness level be adjusted externally?
The fade in effect doesn't dim smoothly when using an external LED dimmer knob.
You can see the strange fade-in effect here: https://youtu.be/KR6SM4hxFuY

To dim even further (without a weird effect), you could add resistors.
Can I use this circuit fader with LED downlights in the ceiling? - by Mark (Australia)
Yes, as long as your LED downlights run on 12VDC and draw less than 8 amps.