The Freedom RGB Lighting Controller allows you to control our Million Color Products with 18 distinct color changing modes, brightness settings, and various speeds. This controller is compatible with any of our common positive million color products.

An RF Touch Remote Control allows you to control the Modes, Speeds, and Brightness settings just as if you were pressing the buttons on the controller itself!

Product Features:

✅ Unique outlook

✅ Easy to choose color by touching color wheel

✅ Durable & user friendly touch remote

✅ Easy wiring

✅ Total 18 distinct color changing modes

✅ Short circuit protection

✅ No additional Wi-Fi or Bluetooth needed

18 Color Changing Modes:
  1. Solid Red
  2. Solid Green
  3. Solid Blue
  4. Solid Amber
  5. Solid Purple
  6. Solid Cyan-blue
  7. Solid White
  8. Cycling Red, Green & Blue
  9. Cycling 7 colors
  10. Gradual change Red, Green & Blue
  11. Smooth Fading Red, Green & Blue
  12. Gradual change 7 colors
  13. Smooth Fading 7 colors
  14. Flicking Red, Green & Blue
  15. Flicking 7 colors
  16. Strobe Red, Green & Blue
  17. Strobe 7 colors
  18. Chameleon

Touch Remote:


**Batteries are not included in the package