Have you maxed out the power of your LED controller?

This Inline RGB LED Amplifier will take any PWM (pulse width modulation) signal, and amplify it, so you can power another 12 amps of LED strips.

If you're just powering 1 LED strip, you don't need this. But if you're powering 10 from the same controller, you might need this depending on how much current the LEDs pull.

Requires 12V DC Input. Common positive. Works with any common positive LED controller.

Here's a diagram of how to hook it up:
(click to enlarge)

We've conducted a number of experiments with LED strips. Here's what we found:

Finding 1: We found it's quite difficult to get a stable color from RGB LED strips when connecting multiple long sections together.
It's from the issue of "voltage drop", and the long path the current must travel over a thin circuit board.

Finding 2: We found that the consistency of LED colors becomes poor after we connect one more sets of 16 foot RGB LED strip lights. This is related to the "voltage drop' issue.

Before using LED Amplifier:

After using LED Amplifier:

After this experiment, we recommend you buy these inline amplifiers.
For the best color consistency and performance, we suggest you use an amplifier on every 16 foot LED strip light.