Want to add a bit of visual spark to accompany your stereo system? Want to make your LEDs beat/flash/strobe/react/dance to music?
Simply drop this LED controller between your 12 volt power source and LEDs.

You won't be disappointed with this professional grade LED controller.
Kick it up a notch and make your LEDs dance to the beat like a boss.

Remote range? About 30 to 40 feet, depending on control box mounting location.

Remote type? It comes with a thin Radio Frequency (RF) remote, meaning you don't have to point it in any direction like you would with an infrared remote.

Max current output? 12 amps (thats a lot of LEDs!)

1. It can of course drive any common positive RGB light source.


2. If you just have single color LEDs, no problem, it can easily control those too.
How? Here's an example photo showing how it could be wired to a single color LED.
Or a quick video explaining how it could be wired.

Still not convinced? Super in-depth 5 minute video product review: