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LED Multifunctional Full-color Controller
LED Multifunctional Full-color Controller
Q: If I use the Dmx input can I control the rgb levels to create my own colors and then play them back from the Dmx controller. Example: fade from white to orange .. Then orange to white again
A: Yes
Q: How many rgb ribbon strips (16 foot rolls) will this controller handle? What is the current draw of the rgb ribbon strips per meter?
A: Max. output = 24 amps.

Current draw of a 5 meter RGB strip: 2 amps (or 0.4 amps per meter).

So you could power about 12 x 5 meter RGB strips on this 24 amp controller.
Q: can someone kindly explain the difference between common positive and negative controllers and the difference in purpose. - by Anwar (Cali)
A: Common positive is when you have 1 positive wire, and 3 negative wires for each of the LED colors (red, blue, green).
Common negative is when you have 1 negative wire, and 3 positive wires for each of the LED colors (red, blue, green).

Most LED products are common positive.
Q: Can you connect multiple Mulitfunctional LED Controllers together and will they be in sync? - by Hector
A: The strips are what you would need to sync, they don't always.
Q: How many output channels does this support?
A: It has four total output channels - one common positive and three grounds for Red, Green, and Blue. You can expand them however you wish with a maximum power rating of 24 amps (which is a LOT of LEDs).
Q: What would the maximum output of this controller be? - by Austin (Tennessee)
A: Max. output = 24 amps.