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Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

If I use the Dmx input can I control the rgb levels to create my own colors and then play them back from the Dmx controller. Example: fade from white to orange .. Then orange to white again
How many rgb ribbon strips (16 foot rolls) will this controller handle? What is the current draw of the rgb ribbon strips per meter?
Max. output = 24 amps.

Current draw of a 5 meter RGB strip: 2 amps (or 0.4 amps per meter).

So you could power about 12 x 5 meter RGB strips on this 24 amp controller.
can someone kindly explain the difference between common positive and negative controllers and the difference in purpose. - by Anwar (Cali)
Common positive is when you have 1 positive wire, and 3 negative wires for each of the LED colors (red, blue, green).
Common negative is when you have 1 negative wire, and 3 positive wires for each of the LED colors (red, blue, green).

Most LED products are common positive.
Can you connect multiple Mulitfunctional LED Controllers together and will they be in sync? - by Hector
The strips are what you would need to sync, they don't always.
How many output channels does this support?
It has four total output channels - one common positive and three grounds for Red, Green, and Blue. You can expand them however you wish with a maximum power rating of 24 amps (which is a LOT of LEDs).
What would the maximum output of this controller be? - by Austin (Tennessee)
Max. output = 24 amps.