Switchback LED Driver - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I have led switch back put they flash white for indicator instead of amber any help please as of why this happens
Please contact Customer Service for more help at 800-245-8131.
I have white/anber switchback drls but I'd like to use them where the amber is constant on and then the turn signal works when making a turn I'd like to know how I could use your product to achieve this
You would wire the red wire to the light you want to be the constant light and the black wire to the turn signal light.
Would like to use your bullets as a side marker/turn signal both amber color. Solid on amber as a side marker then flashes amber/off with turn signal. Is that possible with this driver or any other suggestions?
The switchback driver is designed to work with two colors, same colors are fine. Wire per this wiring diagram: https://www.oznium.com/product_photos/large/8186.jpg
can the output be wired to a relay instead of the led light directly?
Yes, it is quite tricky though. If you need further assistance please let us know.
The common positive out: which discrete positive input is this load placed on?
Sorry, I don't fully understand your question. How are you needing to use this?
Will these work with 5w and 10w cree type 12v leds?
Yes it will.
I have a bi-color LED insert for motorcycle turn signals (amber / white, for turn & passing lights). The lights are common ground, positive for passing and turn signal. How can I get your unit to work with my setup?
The output from our switchback driver is common positive.
If your lights are common ground, there's no easy way to make them work.
You can still make it work with relays, but the wiring will be a bit complicated.
If you'd like a diagram, please let us know and we'll be happy to draw one for you.
I have 2 strips of Amber Led's on each side and a double strip of Blue on each side. Will these switch's do a switchback function to cancel out the blue LED's when the Amber turn signals are activated and then auto relight the Blue when the Amber turn signals are cancelled...???? Each strip has a positive and a ground.
Yes! it would work.
Are these waterproof?
Yes, they are fully waterproof (IP67).

If you crack one open, you'll see the circuit board is fully sealed with potting compound:

Could these be used to turn regular run/brake lights (1157 LED) into run/brake turn? I'm thinking the following: red 12v+ spliced into current brake +, black to current ground, gray would be 12v+ from turn signal. White to the bulb 12V+, and both blue and yellow to the bulb ground. I'm hoping the driver 'holds' the 12v+ brake (headlight) voltage and 'allows' the turn signal to pass through. Am I on the right track? - by Rick (Conroe, TX)
It will likely work the way you've described, but its a bit confusing to understand exactly what you're trying to achieve.

The two pieces you ordered should have already arrived a few weeks ago. Perhaps you can try wiring it that way and see what happens?
The wiring diagram shows the output having two negatives and one positive. How does that work when the LED strip has a common ground and separate positives for the white and amber LEDs? Or is the diagram incorrect? - by Stephen (Victoria, Canada)
The diagram is correct, and it will work with our common positive bi-color Amber/White Side Emitting Strip that has 1 positive and 2 negatives.

It simply won't work with a setup that is common negative (1 negative, and 2 positives).
Can these be used for drl? Meaning, can the turn input be on for long periods of time and not burn out? As in ignition in on headlight in and parking in on the turn input to turn the drl off.
Im after something like this, but that switches 12v not earth. Is it possible to modify these to do that? I already bought some and they dont suit my application - by Steven (Bunbury, Australia)
If you need 100 we can design that for you.
So the output 12v- just needs to be grounded anyplace like the input 12v- or do these need to be tapped into the cars harness ground? - by chris (merican)
Ground to battery or fuse box, etc. Not to car ground harness.
Do I need to run load resistors with this or is there one built in so I don't get hyper flash? - by chris (merica)
There isn't a load resistor built in with this, but on the cars we've tested this on, there haven't been any issues with hyper flash.
Is there a way where both white and amber lights are on at the same time while driving? Then when you use the blinker, the white shuts down and amber blinks? - by Tim (Marshall, MN)
Yes, with the use of some relays and/or diodes.
My amber/white LED's use a single common earth (12V-) wire. Am I correct in guessing this module requires independent 12V- outputs for both the amber (yellow wire) and white (blue wire) LEDs for the switchback operation to work properly? - by Layne (Sydney, Australia)
Is there any way to get this to alternate between white and amber? - by Ike
You're welcome to hook up any color LEDs to this Switchback LED Driver.
And yes, naturally amber and white are the most popular colors for its intended application (headlight area).
To clarify, this product does not come with any LEDs. It is simply a driver / controller for LEDs.

I'm looking for just a little more clarification on this. If I understand what you said, to splice this in correctly, I would want to cut my running lights wire. Put the Black side to the wiring harness, put the white side towards the running light. Then take the yellow light and splice it into the turn signal wire (without cutting it)?

This would mean that if a +12 volts is applied to the yellow wire, it will cut the output to the white wire? - by Sean (MA, USA)
The black, red and gray wires are spliced (cut) into the car's wiring. The white, yellow and blue wires connect to the leds. When the turn signal is activated the white is cut out and the amber is applied.
How much of a load (watts) can one driver handle ?
1 amp.
How difficult installation on a 2003 Toyota Sequoia? Do you have anything to enhance my fog lights as well. - by Dani (Texas)
Not difficult, here is a diagram: https://www.oznium.com/led-controllers/switchback-driver#tech. Something like this would enhance the fog lights: https://www.oznium.com/cob-led-drl