Use it either as an On/Off switch, or fine tune the brightness of your LEDs, and LED strips with this simple in-line LED dimmer.

There's no moving parts, so there's nothing to break or wear out over time.

It only takes a light tap to turn it on, and another light tap to turn it off.

And hold your finger to it to smoothly cycle through the brightness levels.

Once you find the perfect brightness to suit your mood, just remove your finger, and your LEDs will stay glowing at that brightness.

It has memory! So even if you remove power to the unit, it will remember the last brightness level. When you turn it back on, it will go straight to the last brightness level. When power is removed, the LEDs will obviously turn off. The when power is re-applied, you must tap the Touch LED Dimmer once to turn the LEDs back on.

Comes pre-wired with two common AC adapter plugs (barrel connector type). But if you don't want to use those, its very easy to just snip off the connectors, strip the wires back, and hook them up directly to your 12v power source / LEDs.

Max current? 3 amps at 12 volts.