Wireless RF Remote Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switch - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can the dimmer panel from my old unit work with a new transmitter that I just bought? Is there a way to pair the old panel with the new transmitter, or does the transmitter only work with the wall panel that it was shipped with?
Sorry, there is no way to pair our switch with your old switch.
How can I order additional remotes to work with on controller ?
Sorry, extra remotes are not available. Only one remote per wall switch is available.
Do you have instructions on changing the battery?
The unit takes a 23A battery which is located on the front of the wall mount unit. If the battery is not on the front, it is inside the casing which can be removed with a screwdriver to pop off the back to access the battery.
How many 12volt LED can I hook to this? Max of 2 12 volts?
8 amps, so if each LED bar/tube draws about 150 mA, you could hook up about 50 tubes/bars.
can I use 8 dimmers on the same room with 8 different RF to control 8 different led strip. Kind Regards. - by Orson (Barcelona, Spain)
Can the remote switch be ordered in black? - by Az_Ernie
Sorry no.
Is the battery user replaceable? - by Az_Ernie
can this controller dim any 12v led light or must the light be rated dimmable
This controller can dim 95% of 12V LED Lights.
If the LED light has a driver, then it may not be dimmable.
If it doesn't have a driver, then it is most certainly dimmable.
Can you operate two transmitters with one dimmer switch?
Is this an actual led driver?
Is the max output current adjustable?
No, you still need an adapter/transformer. Output current, 12V to 24V DC.
Is the dimmer brightness setting remembered when the power is turned off such that the next time the lights are turned on they are at the previous brightness? - by Brian (Michigan)
What is the expected range in feet/mm between transmitter and receiver
Probably 30 feet or so, will test when more units are in stock.
Will this system work in an RV to control a 12 Volt overhead light and/or 12 Volt exhaust fan? Assuming that it will, can you locate two switches (Transmitters and receivers) in close proximity to each other, one to operate the light, the other to operate the fan? - by Charles (Berryville, VA)
Yes and yes.
Can one dimmer module be wirelessly controlled by more than one wall switch? I would like to place a wall mounted switch at both entrances to the room, similar to 3 way lighting.
Can one wall switch be configured to control several dimmer modules? Looking for control of 3 locations in a kitchen for undercabinet lighting. - by Mark (Smithfield, VA)
It is a dimmer switch. You can run wiring from each location to the switch. Max is 8 amps.
Will you build a controller without the battery? If built to operate on 120v you would never have to change it
No for a number of reasons:

1) As soon as we deal with high voltage, we need to get UL approval which is REALLY costly, and hardly worth it unless we're going to sell tens of thousands of these.

2) I suppose we could use an existing small UL listed adapter to convert the 120v down to 12v and put that inside the box but then: 1) there wouldn't be much space, and 2) the cost and complexity would increase.

For now, the battery option seems way better, especially since it will last for many years!
We don't know exactly many years the battery will last for, but perhaps 3, 4, 5, 6, etc...
Most people are more likely to move to a new house/apartment/etc, before the battery dies.