Flexible 5mm LED - 12 volt Dome Light LEDs - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Does each flexible dome light come with a set of dummy lights ?
I just want to know if this are dimmable. Would they work with the dome light dimmer that comes with the car? - by Sebastian
Yes, and yes.
Any way to make these waterproof?
These are waterproof.
What are the size difference between the "Small" and "Large" in the Flexible 5mm LED Dome Light - by Paul (Richmond VA)
Small: 4 cm x 4 cm (1.57 inches)
Large: 5 cm x 5 cm (1.96 inches)
Height for both= 0.29 inches
Hello. I'm sorry I had forgotten to specify the product I was asking about. I needed to know which color most resembled purple for the "Thin Flexible 5mm LED Dome Light" as I am doing a silver/purple theme on my '09 Kia Spectra. I had thought the pink might most resemble purple, but I was unable to find any pictures of this product in pink being used. Any feedback is appreciated. - by Duncan (Fort Worth, TX)
Pink is the close, but not really UV/purple.
I installed ther proper dummy in my 2000 ford lighning and the led will not light up. I have confirmed that the board is recieving power & ground. do I have a faulty board? - by KURTIS (Cypress, TX)
Did you try reversing the dummy bulb? Also, check that they are plugged in to the dome light led board. Then make sure the switch is turned to on. Contact us at CS@oznium.com if you have another questions.
I have an "odd" shape application that would require cutting off 1 LED in the of the corners. Would any of the LEDs stop working if I do that? - by Yann (MD, USA)
Yes, these are not made to be cut.
what base will i need for a de3175 bulb socket
Sorry, we are not able to cross reference this, the Dome light comes with several connectors, usually one of those works in most applications.
How much current does the small neutral white model draw? - by John (Houston)
Minimal, not more than .8 amps.
Are you planning on adding any other colors?
i have a 1997 monte carlo ls and my domelight takes a 562 bulb do you have a dummy bulb that would fit my car i have beenlooking for ages for an led dome light for it and all i can come across is a gel cap that does not work - by Dennis (Crestwood IL)
We are not sure. Is it one of these:
* 194/168/T10
* BA9S Bayonet
* 1003 Bayonet - popular with RV owners!
* 27mm Festoon
* 31mm Festoon
* 36mm Festoon
* 39mm Festoon
* 44mm Festoon
Which one is brighter, the 1.5"x1.5" 16 LED or the 5mm Flexible? - by Adrian
We have multiple dome lights that are 1.5X1.5. The superflux and Ultra Thin Dome lights are brighter then the thin flexible.
hey, i have a 01 grand am gt and the dome light has two metal hooks on the ends that none of your dummies show, will the same measurement bulb without the hooks still work? - by James
Pretty sure it will work
Which one will fit better on a 1999 Dodge Avenger? 1.5"x1.5" 16 LED or the 5mm Flexible? - by Adrian
Sorry, we have no idea. You need to measure your dome light housing.
How much brighter is the large compared to the small? I have other leds in my car do I need the large? - by Chance
Large has 25 LEDs
Small has 16 LEDs

The Large has 56% more LEDs than the Small.
I want to change all the domes in the Scion tc '08 to blue. How many of these would I need? Small or Large? - by Gilbert (NYC, NY)
It all depends on how many dome lights you have. Count them and measure the inside.
I Have a 99 Chevrolet Silverado and i put a blue dome light in along with some other leds to light up under the dash onto the floor, but during the installation i accidently busted one of the leds in the dome light and several are now out. I am going to reorder but i have room for another large dome light and was seeing if its possible to splice the wires together to the dummy light. Would it have just as much power running to both of them like it would if i just had one? - by Brad (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
You should be able to splice the wires together with no problems
Do you sell the bases by them selves. I am thinking of using them to wire in some superflux leds. Would that even work? - by Jason (Saratoga Springs, UT)
Sorry, we don't sell them separately.
How much can the Flexible 5mm LED Dome Light bend? - by Joeseph (Cincinnati, OH)
It barely bends.
I have an 06 scion xb and want to switch out the dome light, which size would I need? - by Craig (Barstow)
Measure! That will insure the best fit/match.
I have a 2006 Honda Civic. Which one would I need to buy for it to fit correctly? - by Marshall (Texas)
Please measure the inside of your dome light housing and then purchase one that will fit.
if i want to use a different led set up like your flexible led strip at a dome light is there anyway i can get a set a dummy bulbs with my purchase? - by Ethan
You can always directly wire the strip to the power source. We normally don't carry extra dummy bulbs.
Whats the difference between "cool white" "warm white" and "neutral white" any pictures to tell the difference? - by Douglas (El Monte, CA)
To see pictures, please click on the "More Photos" and "Action Shots" tabs at the top of the page.
i am interested in swapping out my dome lights in my 06 scion tc, however i would like to put cool white in the center and make the driver and passanger side lights(on the opposite sides of the center light) red. would i be able to do this? - by Sean (Texas)
Check out our Forum at www.oznium.com/forum.
There is lots installation help and ideas on the forum.
What you want to do is possible, but check to see if
anyone else has done this also, i'm sure they will share their tricks.
for a more universal fit, do you recommend the small one over the large? ( I want to buy in quantities to use in all my vehicles)
is there a big brightness difference between the small one and the large?
Just the whites, which one is brightest?
intrested in the flexible 5mm one, is thickness the only difference between the rigid and flexible? - by Wayne (Port Moody, Canada)
Firts, we need to know what kind of vehicle that you have...
Which dome light is brighter, this one or the ultra thin one? And how much brighter? - by T.J. (Pasadena, CA)
The Ultra Thin Dome Lights are brighter. The 5mm LED only has one diode making light.
The Ultra Thin DL's use what is called a 50/50 LED, there are 3 diodes making light.
What happened to the SuperFlux dome lights? I notice they are gone and you don't have any others available in UV color!! Please say the SuperFlux are coming back, or you are getting another UV???
We were having a lot of trouble with Superflux Dome Lights, so we had to temporarily discontinue them while we talk with our manufacturer about a better design.
I have a '09 Scion Tc and I want to change out the dome lights with your LED's. Which size do I need to do this? - by Scott (Lafayette, IN)
Go with the 2.0x2.0.
Does 1.5'' x 1.5'' (small one) have 16 LEDs on it ? - by Hasan (charleston sc)
From the picture the Cool White looks kinda blue. How much of a difference is there between the Cool White and the Blue? - by Elisha (Wichita, KS)
It's quite a huge difference. The emitted light from the "Cool White" dome light will still appear as white.
And of course the "Blue" dome light will turn everything in your car blue.
Is this a straight 12V light system? thereby being able to use it in different parts of the car/truck? - by D.Walker (Seattle, Wa)
Yes, all 12volt ready, you can use them anywhere in your car or truck.
my dome light uses DE3175 (civic 05). do you have that kind of dummy bulb? - by Jonah (Vancouver, Canada)
Not sure, the best way it to measure your bulb from tip to tip and compare it to our measurements on the website.
When hooked up to the map light, will the click of the map light still work with this product? Or do you have to flip the switch manualy to turn them on? I have exchanged my stockers for aftermarket led bulbs (another company) and they are really dull and the clicking of the map light feature doesnt work anymore. - by David (Central Florida)
The light should function just as it did before.