This is the real deal. A monster of a light! Choose from SIXTEEN, or TWENTY FIVE LEDs. We could have gone with 1-chip, 2-chip, or 4-chip. We went straight for the 4-chip LEDs - to give you ultimate performance and brightness.


16 LED board: 1.5" x 1.5"
25 LED board: 2.0" x 2.0"

The thickness is about 0.5" with the adhesive foam attached.
Without the foam, the thickness is about 0.3".

It takes just a few minutes to install:

  1. Pop off the plastic dome light lense
  2. Pull out the old bulb
  3. Find the matching connector (we include 6 common sizes)
  4. Plug it in, fit the new LED dome light in place, and put back the lense

Four common bases are included

  • 194/T10
  • BA9S Bayonet
  • 1003 Bayonet
  • 44mm Festoon