Rigid 5mm LED Dome Light - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

What is the color temperature of the cool white?
Sorry, we have tested for that. But they are bright.
In my dome set up i have a bulb that is in the center that comes on when the door is opened and two other bulbs, one on the right and one on the left of the center one that operate through a switch each. Can i hook all the wires from the bulb holders to one led dome light and everything still operate that way it should? - by Tim (Chillicothe, OH)
Its possible only if you use diodes, although that may be more work than you're willing to do.
Which color most remembles purple? I couldn't tell which color that was in "More LED Photos" section for this product. Would that be pink? - by Duncan (Fort Worth, TX)
UV is the closest to purple. Search UV in the search bar for more info.
How many mA does this use?
Not much, less than half an amp.
Can you supply these arrays with just pigtails, no dummy bulbs? - by Dee
For a large order of say 100 sets, we could certainly remove the dummy bulbs for you.

Otherwise, if you don't need the dummy bulbs, why not just toss them out?
The factory dome lights in my 2009 Murano turn themselves off by gradually "dimming down", once the door has been closed. Will your dome lights do the same? - by Charles (Lubbock, TX)
I am using a small white one which fits perfectly in the under hood light in my C5 Corvette. Should I install a 470 ohm resistor inline? - by Stephen (Aldie, VA)
They already have resistors built in
Are these waterproof? Can they be used on the exterior of the vehicle? - by Scott (Louisiana)
Sorry, These are not waterproof.
They are meant to be used in the interior of your vehicle.
Are these brighter than a standard bulb? - by Thomas (Seattle, WA)
These are around 3-4 times brighter than your stock Dome Light
The warm white and white pic. which is which?
The 'Warm White' has a tinge of yellow.
The 'White' will be a pure white.
are there any connectors to a 561 bulb? or anything i can do to make it work? - by Chris
You can but and splice into your factory wiring if we do not have the correct bulb.
Can you cut any of the 3 dome light types to fit? - by Steven (Cary, NC)
No, dome lights are not meant to be cut.
I plan on putting this one inside my dome light. It will be in direct contact with plastic. Do you know if these will get to hot? Any info about heat would be appreciated. I have the superbright 25 led and that thing produces alot of heat!! - by Jason (Fullerton, CA)
It will not produce as much head as the superflux dome light. I've never heard of an LED melting any plastic, especially ones found in cars, which are meant to take up to 100 degrees consistently. You should be fine.
Can you tell me the power usage fro these light? What amps do they draw? - by Grady (Mississippi)
Very insignificant. Less than half an amp.
are these as bright as other led dome light kits? comparison of pinks plz? - by Chuck
UV LED Dome Light
Is it possible to buy the bulb adapters alone? - by John
Sorry, these are not available individually.
can this fit on a 2001 chrysler sebring - by Chris
I don't know.
What the difference between Warm white and white? Pictures? - by Turbo17 (So. Cal)
LED Dome Light Cool White Warm White
Will this fit in the hatch light of a Scion tC?
No, not without some cutting.
What are the physical dimensions for the large & small rigid LED dome lights?
Small: width = 1.57" x 1.57"
Large: width = 1.96" x 1.96"

height for both = .67"