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Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Does this come in UV colours?
If not then is it possible to use 2 of these for one dome light(such as 2 SuperFlux UV domelights next to each other?
The 1.5x5 inch would be perfect size but I want it in UV - by Tom
The Superflux is the only dome light to come in UV. The 16 led measures 1.5 x 1.5 so, sure, use two together.
Is the Ultra Thin LED Dome Light waterproof or water resistant? If not can it be covered with an automotive clear silicone? Would you consider selling a waterproof one? Wayne (FL) - by Wayne (Holmes Beach, FL)
It's not waterproof or water resistant. I think some silicone around the entire unit could be okay. Yes, we would consider providing a waterproof one.
2012 silverado crew cab, guessing 1.5 x 1.5 will fit? not home to measure just would like to have home when i do return. what's the recommended size for my truck? - by matt
Sorry, don't know. It's best if you measure.
Can you trim the sides of the LED dome light to make it a little smaller without ruining the light? If I want the 5.0"x1.5" dome to fit my Scion xA, I would have to trim the sides a little, since one side of the cover is curved, not straight like a rectangle.
It may be possible; we have not attempted to cut up this dome light. You would have to do so at your own risk
does these LED dome lights come with a mounting kit with a protective cover for mounting to a interior with no existing dome light? Adrian - by Adrian (Miami, Fl)
Which is brighter- White or Warm White or Cool White? - by Bill (Colorado Springs, CO)
Warm White.
the dome for my Scion XB is "DE3175" fromt he sylvania bulb guide, which isnt listed amongst the most common that seems to come with the dome light, do I need to special order this attachment? - by Dan (Fridely, MN)
DE3175 is a 31mm Festoon bulb.
How many lumens does the 1.5" x 1.0" warm white Thin LED have? How much current does it use? - by Wayne (Fairfield, CA)
3000k, 190mA or .19 amps or 2.28 watts.
I have a 91' Miata with vanity/door lights with a window measurement of .5" tall x1.5" wide; can a system be made to fit that measurement? There is no room for "folding" even the smallest one you have. - by Richard (Killeen TX)
I'm a little confused. Are you asking for a custom build? Please contact our Customer Service Department at CS@Oznium.com.
Whats the best size to get to put in a 1st Gen Scion xB? - by Grant (Canadian, OK)
Sorry, not sure. If you can remove the cover you should be able to measure the area for the correct size.
is the 2" by 2" 20 LED one brighter than the 5" by 1.5" LED one?

Also what do you think about mixing and matching colors. Im very confused because i want to put cool white in my 2001 avalon xls but at the same time i want to add another color in ..like red/blue/or green. Do you think cool white up front and a color in the center dome light...or just do cool white up front and in the center dome?

also is the flexible model and the superflux model less brighter than the ultra thin led model?

Thanks - by Swami (Lexington, MA)
The 2X2 will be brighter because it has more LEDs.

It's really up to you. I like adding an accent color to change it up a bit.

Correct. The brightest is the Ultra Thin.
can the adapter be cut off as to allow the wires to be spliced into a different 12v power source?
Do you sell anything compatible with the 1141 dome lights in my camper? I think the 1141 light is a BA15s base... - by Ron (Seattle, WA)
If the LED lights are fed less than 12V, will they dim like incandescents? My stock dome light fades to black, will these LEDs do like-wise? - by Tom (Boston, MA)
These will fade, but they aren't designed to fade. After time, they could become defective and have LEDs out here and there on the board.
Some other aftermarket lighting companies claim that their 194 bulbs can replace many other bulbs (including 192, which i need). http://superlumination.com/194.htm <~~for example....
I'm hoping that your 194 can replace my 192 dome lights because I'd much rather order from Ozium than order from some shady online shop. Will it fit? - by Matt (Miami, FL)
What is difference between cool white and blue? One of your photos shows 8 colors, but 9 colors are available. I read Kelvin on cool white is 6500, what about Kelvin on blue? This is for a 08 XB. Thanks.
The cool white is white with a hint of blue. The blue is just blue.
in my saturn ion the bulb doesn't just snap in, but there's hooks on the bulb so when it touches the metal to snap in the light works. Question is what style base would i use for it? - by craig
We include the seven most common bases with each dome light.
(These bases fit 99% of vehicles)
* 194/168/T10
* BA9S Bayonet
* 27mm Festoon
* 31mm Festoon
* 36mm Festoon
* 39mm Festoon
* 44mm Festoon

Please refer to this web page below, there is some pics of the connectors that we provide.
Are these working with less than 12 volts?
I currently have a large (2x2 in) Thin 5mm dome light in cool white. If I were to get a 1.5x1.5 in cool white in this super thin variety (I already checked, another 5mm won't fit), would the colors match well enough? Also, how would the brightness compare between the two? Essentially, would the two "work" well together in the same SUV interior? - by Tom (Cincinnati, OH)
They would work well together. The ultra thin is brighter!
2 Questions 1st when if at all will the superflux be coming back. 2nd in the video at around 1:17 what color is that im thinking it was UV but im not sure. - by Bobby (Bronx, NY)
1. The Superflux are discontinued.
2. Most likely UV
when are the superflux coming back?
They are discontinued. Try the Ultra Thin ones; they are extrememly bright!
Do these LED dome lights have a specific polarity? Does it matter which way I plug the connector into the vehicle dome light base (ie will it work one way, but not the other)?
If you plug them in the wrong way, they won't light up. Simply flip the dome light base around and then they'll light up.
whats the size for the front dome lights for an 08 scion tc... kinda hard to determine...i know the backs are 5 x 1 which i think will light up real good - by James (san antonio, tx)
Check your owners manual or measure for best results.
how long are the leads on this item? - by Jesse (new jersey)
A few inches
Do you have a base that adapts to replace a 211-2 lamp
that uses tabs that slip through the wire loops on the
ends of the lamp?
No, sorry. Not at this time.
can these be cut? the size i need is 2.25 by 1.5inches
id rather buy the larger one and cut it down then have to buy 2 small ones to fit side by side. - by Marcus (indiana)
No, these cannot be cut.
which size will fit in the scion tc's trunk/hatch light?, not the rear dome, but the little one all the way in the back. - by (-_-)
All you need to do is measure the dimensions of the inner dome light compartment.
in a scion tc the front dome lights are screw in type bulbs. Does it come with something that I can this in there. - by Dan (Cincinnati, OH)
All of our dome lights come with all the necessary connectors.
Would it be possible to wire up 2 of these in series by modifying the wiring harnesses/adapters? - by Bill
Yes, but wire in parallel, not series.
What is the Kelvin Rating for the Warm white, white, and Cool white? - by Spencer
Warm White - 3000k
Cool White - 6500k
Neutral White - 5000k
is there a purple dome light?
In this model no.
What happend to the 25 Superflux Dome Light? :(
Are these just as bright as the superflux one?
We were having a lot of trouble with Superflux Dome Lights, so we had to temporarily discontinue them while we talk with our manufacturer about a better design.
The Ultra Thin Dome Lights are very bright but not brighter than the Superflux's. We think you will be very satisfied with the Ultra Thin Dome Light.
Can you put velcro on the back of them to mount on a rag top? - by paul
Sure, don't see why not!
whats the right size for nissan 240sx s13??? - by CeSar (Whittier)
Basically measure the length and width of your dome light compartment.
Don't worry about the depth, this dome light should be fine.

Available in four sizes:
1.5" x 1.0"
1.5" x 1.5"
2.0" x 2.0"
5.0" x 1.5"
which size should fit in the rear dome light (backseat) of the scion tc? - by Sam (Miami Fl)
5" x 1" is a good size for that.
Will a million color dome be available? I understand you can't use the connection in the dome, but a controller would be needed. A little custom wiring would get it done. - by Chet (Lakeland, FL)
We are currently working on some new products, and a fully controllable RGB(million color) dome light is one of these projects.
Keep checking the site.
Which size fits the Honda FIT dome light? 1.5 x 1.0 ?
We couldn't tell you for sure. Measure your dome light and compare them to our sizes to see which one will fit best.
When you say the large fits the Scion xB are you referring to the 2.0 x 2.0? Seems you've added some sizes or maybe I am confused! - by David (Louisiana)
Yes, the 2.0 x 2.0 we mean as being the "large" dome light.
The 5.0 x 1.5 would be "X-Large".
Sorry for the confusion.
The FJ cruiser uses a DE3175 dome light. Do any of the included adapters work with this size? Thank you. - by Chris
These dome light comes with the adapter that you need.
We have sold hundreds to other FJ owners, all are satisfied Oznium customers.
which size fits in the rear dome (ceiling) of a tC?
Available in four sizes:
1.5" x 1.0"
1.5" x 1.5"
2.0" x 2.0"
5.0" x 1.5"
Just measure your dome light compartment
and one of these is gonna fit.
Do dimmers affect the bulbs? My Toyota FJ dim as they go on and off. (Byron, Lynchburg VA) - by Byron (Forest, VA)
No our Flexible Super Thin LED Dome Light will not be affected in a destructive manner.
Can the sticky pad on the back be taken off to make it thinner... Have you ever fit one of these into an 06 altima?
I would not recommend it with the Flexible Super Thin LED Dome Light. Just measure out the space in your dome light to see if it will fit. 1.5x1.5 will be a small dome light and the 2.0x2.0 will be the larger one.
1/30/08 Will the 20 LED Flexible Super Thin Dome Light fit my 2006 xB? I'd prefer that you not use the words "should" or "think" in your answer. Postage to and from Hawaii is bit pricey. :) Thanks, Kerry - by Kerry (Pahoa, Hawaii)
Postage is just $3.95. If it doesn't fit, we'll give you a full refund. = no risk
Will you guys make the "cool white" avalable for these in the near future? I would really like to buy these, but I have the cool white superflux for my front dome in my scion tc, and these would really match in cool white. - by Raj (Davis, CA)
A normal white LED is basically a "cool white" color - we only use the cool white reference when there are multiple versions of white available. It should be pretty close in color. Keep in mind that since there are two different types of LEDs used, it may be slightly different regardless.
Is there an adapter for the '05 Scion tC? The bulb required is a DE3175. - by Eric (Miamisburg, OH)
Will this work in a 2004 F150 Dome light (578 Bulb)
Yes, there is an adapter that should fit.
what size should i get for a 2007 scion tc? for the front and back light? - by Anthony (Kenilworth, NJ)
Yes, either size will fit in both locations
will any of these fit the scion tc 2007? and will it work in both the light over the drivers seat? and the light over back seat? - by Ant (New Jersey)
I took some measurements of the area in my dome light (1995 civic ex) and it was 1.25"x3.5". Will I be able to trim this to somehow make it fit? - by Anthony (pittsburgh)
It may be possible; we have not attempted to cut up this dome light. You would have to do so at your own risk. However it is flexible, you might be able to just bend it to fit.
will it fit the new 07 versa?and will red be bright? - by Zachary (Caddo Mills, TX)
I have no idea if it will fit. It will be very bright!
Do these bad boys heat up? Could they melt the plastic case they are in? - by Justin (Seattle)
They heat up slightly, but are far from hot enough to cause any damage to itself or things around it.
what are the dimensions of both? Length and width?
Small: 1.5" x 1.5"
Large: 2.0" x 2.0"
What is the amp draw at what voltage for the large and small? - by Doug (Oriental NC aboard)
The small version uses 190mA and the larger version uses 390mA.
For the xB does it matter which one I get? Will they both fit? Or only the smaller one? - by Pace (Dallas area)
I think both will fit.
Is there a difference in the number of LED's between the two sizes? - by Evan

the smaller size holds 12 SMD LED's and the larger size holds 20 SMD LED's
Does one of the adapters fit a 3175 bulb that's in an xb? - by Mike (Garden Grove, CA)
Will this fit a 1993 Honda Prelude? I realize it will fit deminsion wise, but with the festoons - I'm not sure. I havent been able to find the bulb size. - by Jeff
Yes. Your map light will use the 194 style base, and your dome light will use the 31mm festoon.