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Premium Rectangle LED Module
Premium Rectangle LED Module
Q: Can this module be under water (2 feet) for ever? Last for a year underwater? - by Kevin (Frisco, TX)
A: Yes
Q: Can you create a vivid deep UV purple with this module? - by ian (Arizona)
A: It seems you could be asking two things:

1) If the RGB (Million) color version is able to create a purple color. Yes, by combining the red and blue LEDs at a certain intensity, it can create a purple color. You can use the RGB (Million) color version in combination with an LED Controller.

2) If we can custom make these LED Modules for you with a specific wavelength of UV (Ultra Violet) LEDs (for example in the 395nm, 405nm, 410nm range). Yes, we certainly can, but will require a minimum order of at least a few thousand pieces.
Q: Are these decently visible during the day? I'm installing police lights on a Power Wheels and I am planning on using these, just want to make sure they will be bright enough. My guess is they will be perfect. - by JSR (Maryland)
A: They will be seen up close but faintly from far away.
Q: How do you install these lights? Power and ground? - by Gerry (Canada)
A: They are wired for 12vDC, wire to any low power source or with an adapter you can power them with 120v. Here are the adapters: https://www.oznium.com/power-adapters/ac-adapter
Q: If one unit breaks, say crushed (think under a vehicle) will the chain fail or still operate?
A: As long as the wiring is not damaged the rest of the string will operate.
Q: if i need 58 ft , How many rgb module do i need to buy ? - by Eric (United States)
A: The length of each module is 2.76", and the length of the wire is 3.56", bringing the total length of one module plus wire to 6.32"
58 feet x 12" = 696"
696" / 6.32" = 110 modules
Q: Is 1 quantity will be 1 module?
A: Yes.
Q: If I only need one module in a location and surface mount it will there be any wire hang out at the opposite end or can i cut it flush?
A: Cut off any extra wire you don't need.
Q: Will these work on 12V AC? - by Tom (United States)
A: Yes
Q: What size should my in-line fuse be if I were to use 8-10 premium LED light modules? - by Jeepers (Orange, CA)
A: 2 to 3 amps would be fine
Q: are resistors needed for these lights or are they plug and play - by kevin (Mount Orab, OH)
A: These are designed to work directly on any 12V power source.
Resistors are not needed.
Q: How bright would one modal be compared to the super-flux 4 chip?
A: This would be twice as bright.
Q: Are these dimmable?
A: Yes
Q: If I spaced three of these at the top of a 36"W x 30"H, section of wall at 6", 18" and 30" points and mounted with a slight downward angle, will these have enough angle of view to cover the full 36" x 30" area ? - by Grev
A: It will not be a solid wall of light but might give you the look you want. You can try it and always add more later if needed.
Q: Do you know how many lumens or flux each module puts out? Also what IP rating? - by Kenneth (Cortez, CO)
A: Sorry don't have this information on this product.
Q: How much space in between each module?
A: 3.56 inches. Here is some more tech info: https://www.oznium.com/premium-led-module#tech
A: 64