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Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

i love this light and lot qty using in my projects but first i want to try you provide
one pc sample. thankyou
pinto - by John (orlando florida)
Sorry, we don't provide samples. You can order as little as 1 module to try.
How many lumens per module? What is the Kelvin rating?
Sorry, we haven't tested for that yet. Rectangular modules in the cool white are 21.77 lumens 10677K, square would be a little brighter.
Can the wire between modules be cut and extended to the spacing I need (about 24")? - by Joe (Filer, ID.)
Yes, you're welcome to cut and extend the wires.
What is the waterproof rating of these modules?
Completely waterproof for under water use.
Can these LEDs handle up to 16 volts? - by Wayne (El Dorado, CA)
Yes, but they might not last as long as if they were run with 12v.
What's the maximum length/number of LED's before voltage becomes a problem? - by Ron
30 feet or 60 modules, might become dim.
can these be individually cut and powered - by Chris
they do they just come in a strand already prewired and the quantity is how many we want? - by Scott
How many modules per foot? Trying to figure how many to order for a 4.5 foot run thanks.
As you can see from the diagram on the tech info page, there's roughly 2 modules per foot.
I have the old superflux square channel lights and love them. Could you show a comparison photo between these and those?
We don't have anymore, sorry!
Are they as bright as the 4-chip superflux LED? Can you build them with 15 inch or 20 inch spacing? - by Bryan (Webster South Dakota)
Yes and yes, happy to do the custom spacing if you can order at least 1000 pieces.
I see you have some photos of these LED modules running in series. Is the internal wiring of the modules designed to run in parallel so that you can daisy chain while maintaining using a single 12 volt source?

If the above is true, how many can you safely daisy chain without exceeding safe current flow?
Yes, they are wired in parallel.
A few hundred at least.