12V Prewired Accent Lighting - LED Module Spotlights - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Hi, I'm curious how these would stand up to being hit repeatedly with a car. - by Kevin (Wichita, Ks)
It would depend on how hard they were hit.
What colour temperature are the white modules? - by John (Canada)
9040 K
I jut purchased 4 of these and was going to use them on my golf cart. However purchased a new cart that has 6 - 8 volt batteries. The head lights on the cart are 18 volt. Would these work at 18 volts for a resonable amount of years. maybe 3-4? If not can you recomment a resistor size to drop that voltage down to 12 volts? - by Wayne (Trinity, Texas)
Its hard to say how long they'd last on 18 volts without actually testing them.
You could also just wire two in series to give them 9 volts each.
You could try giving each one a 120 ohm 1W resistor. This resistor with a tolerance of /- 5% has the color code: Brown, Red, Brown, Gold

Are the linear versions of this flexible at all? - by Erik (Chicago)
No sorry.
I want to connect 4 of these in series to a 48 volt supply. Will that work? - by Bruce
Yes, as long as you have enough current.
Hi Can you advise the wavelength of the UV module - by Dave (Newbould)
That information can be found here: https://www.oznium.com/led-string-modules/super-bright-12v-led-module#tech
What is the upper voltage limit on this product, when 12 Volts is stated for a voltage standard, how will they hold up on a 12 Volt charging system that typically reaches 13.8 Volts. - by Tim (Bountiful, UT)
Even though 12 volts is stated as the voltage standard, they will hold up just fine on a 12 volt charging system that typically reaches 13.8 volts.
If I put these on a voltage switch with a 3,4.5 6,9, and 12 volt selecter, can they be used with the lower wattage at a dimmer light?
Yes, you're welcome to do that. You could also use our LED dimmer.
The yellow seems a bit too yellow for me, can you produce these in a true amber color? - by Greg (Hammer)
Have you actually ordered one and looked at it in person? It may make sense to order one first, to see if it suits your needs, since the photos online certainly aren't a 100% representation of the true color.

We can certainly use a different LED in there, but is only really cost effective if you can order at least 500-something pieces.
Are your white modules a true white or do they have a yellow tint?
As far as we know, white is white.
I've searched for a long time for a water proof LED Module of this size, glad I found you. Question is, how bright are these modules compared to the brightness of an under tailgate light bar commonly available through auto parts sources? My fear is that they may actually be TOO bright for an under the tailgate application, in comparison to the standard running lights on my Pick up. - by John (Shreveport, LA)
An inch of this is much brighter than an inch of taillight bar. The total light output from a taillight bar is obviously much more than this though, since a taillight bar is 40 to 60 something inches, and this is only 2 something inches.
how many hours will led burn for?
5-7 years.
Will the LED's survive less than -30 C temp? - by Wilson (Edmonton, Alberta, C)
We haven't tested them at -30 degree temps.
Can I connect the LED's directly to my rear turn signals off a hitch supply 12v? - by Wilson (Edmonton, Alberta, C)
I ordered ten round, white modules in black. I need to know how many watts of power they will draw together so I can get the correct transformer. The chart you have referenced does not have this info. - by JAMES (Negaunee, MI)
410mA. You can always call us or email us too!
I can't find the power draw on these modules for xfmr sizing info.
Please direct me to that info. - by JAMES (Negaunee, MI)
Are you looking for this? https://www.oznium.com/led-string-modules/super-bright-12v-led-module#tech I'm sorry, but it's not clear what is needed.
If I was to retrofit these to navigation lights in a boat would it be best to use white behind the red and green lense or use red and green leds ? - by JON (Cairns, Australia)
You can do White LEDs behind a Red or Green Lense.
can you only use the 3m tape to mount these or can you use screws?
Not sure where you could screw them in. 3m tape would be best.
I want to wire a pair of your super bright LED modules into my motorcycle turnsignals to function as indicators/blinkers to remind me that they are operating. Which color will most capture my attention?
Do you have this in orange?
The yellow is more of an amber, we don't have a true orange.