Light up the night like a 70's disco in full flight with our Chip RGB Bar.

This exposed circuit board uses 15 high-quality SMD RGB LED's, each hosting a red, green, and blue chip, uses a common positive controller, and comes with mounting hardware as standard.

Because it uses LEDs, this unit won't throw off excessive heat, no matter how long it's left on, and it runs from a 12V electrical power source, and with a 120 degree viewing angle, you'll spot this well-lit bad boy from just about anywhere.

Coming with a .55" width, a height of .27", and 20" in length, this compact unit can fit in a host of places, both on your car and even at home.

This incredibly sophisticated piece of automotive electronics and with Oznium's ultra-low shipping rate, you could have it in your hands for less than the cost of a DVD.