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Chip RGB Bar
Chip RGB Bar
Q: how do I install this RBG bar to existing low voltage Romex? - by DAVID
A: If the Romex is 12V DC just wire into the hot and ground wires.
Q: Can these Bars be cut in half or such and use the sections with a little soldering ? J
A: Yes. cut between sections of 3 leds.
Q: Can this light bar be hooked up to an RGB controller, or does it have an in line controller? - by David (Cascade, ID)
A: It can most certainly be hooked up to an RGB controller. It doesn't have anything inline.
Q: what are the availible lenths, also, you no longer sell the waterproof version, could this strip be easily adapted to be waterproof? - by Ryan (lansing,il)
A: All of the linear lights are sold in 20 inch increments and are modular. You can certainly put this into a tube and make it waterproof.