Jam-packed full of LEDs. 8 inches long, yet thinner than a pencil.

Its got wires coming out of both ends, so you can easily daisy-chain multiple tubes together. Or if you just want to use one tube, thats fine too. You can leave the power wires on the other end hanging, or snip them off.

Just hook up the power wires to 12 volts, and you're good to go. Each tube draws about 120 mA (power consumption).

Its not designed to be 100% submersible and waterproof, but rather "splash-proof".

Available in 6 vibrant colors: Cool White, Warm White, Red, Blue, Green, and Amber.

If you need it even thinner, you can remove the circuit board of LEDs from the plastic tube.

And if 8 inches is too long, you can easily cut it down between every third LED. A set of 3 LEDs takes up about 3/4 inch (2 cm). When you cut it, you'll be able to re-use both ends, but you won't be able to solder new wires to any internal segments.

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