0603 Surface Mount LEDs - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I am going to use these LED's in 1:87 size cars and trucks for a HO train set. My question is I am hooking up to a 12 volt system. What size resistor should I use for the lights or do I need a resistor if they are hooked up to a watch or garage door opener battery. Thanks - by Wilson (Las Vegas, NV.)
It depends on the color. Each LEDs will need a different voltage (either 2.0v or 3.2v). After you figure out which color you want (and voltage it needs) use our LED calculator. https://www.oznium.com/led-resistor-calculator
What is the viewing angle on these? Are they waterproof?
120 degrees. These aren't waterproof.
If I replace a red or yellow LED with a blue LED, do I need to change the resistor?
Yes. Otherwise it won't be very bright.

Blue, green, and white LEDs use about 3.2 volts.
Red, and yellow LEDs use about 2.0 volts.

So if you swap out a red LED, and replace it with a blue LED on the circuit board (Xbox controller, car dash, etc), you will also want to change the resistor.

It is very helpful to use a multimeter / volt meter to probe the circuit board, and figure out exactly what voltages you're working with, so you can properly calculate the new resistance.

A video explaining this in more detail:
can these LEDs be used with one of the 12v converters for use in Scale Static Model Displays? the size is perfect for tail lights,headlights and marker lights. as well as control panel lights on my model planes. - by Todd (United States)
Most likely! I've never heard of Scale Static Model Displays, but I don't see why it wouldn't work if its 12v.
What is the best way to solder/wire these LEDs? they are so small i was wondering the best possible way to accomplish this, and what tools do you recommend? - by Andrew (New Jersey)
Check out some youtube videos.
Will it work with cr2016 or cr2032 batteries? And how bright is this led because i want to use it as small flashlight for a project? - by Pritesh (U.S.A.)
It should work with those batteries, and very bright.