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0805 Surface Mount LEDs
0805 Surface Mount LEDs
Q: How would one go about in powering one of these with magnet wire? - by John (Albany, OR)
A: Carefully solder the wire to the LEDs, and then simply hook up to your power source.
It will require quite a lot of patience, and fine motor skills to do the soldering properly.
If you need a lot of them (say, 100 pcs ), we'll be happy to do it for you.
Q: Im unable to see the the time on the dashboard clock of my Endeavor. Is there a surface mount LED light strip available that i can put in the alcove to illuminate the clock without getting into the wiring or is that even possible? - by Catherine (Tamassee,SC)
A: You could hook a small light or strip to a 27A battery. https://www.oznium.com/install-bay/12v-led-battery-holder
Q: Are these bright enough in daylight? I'm trying to make a led angel eye that are really close together, similar to the orion angel eye. How would you say the brightness are compared to those smd used in orion?
A: They will produce light, so they are bright. Not sure how they compare to 'orion'.
Q: Hi there, can you hook these up to a Lithium coin battery... i looking for something to place into a really narrow gap.

thank you - by Luke (Perth, Aust)
A: We haven't tested these with a Lithium battery. As long as the voltage is sufficient, it should work.
Q: Is it the same as the plcc-2?
A: The PLCC-2 LED is larger than the 0805 LED