1206 Surface Mount LEDs - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Powered from a single 3.7v lithium battery (4.2v fully charged) what resistor should?
470 ohm for white, blue, green or cool colors. 560 ohm for red, amber, or warm colors.
What is the viewing angle of the 1206 led? - by John (Illinois)
120 degrees, more info on this link: https://www.oznium.com/1206-smd-led#tech
Another question if the current LEDs are green with a forward v. Of 3.0 is there not a problem replacing them with the 2.0 reds? Will the reds just be brighter w/ the extra voltage ? - by Carter (Joplin, mo)
The red would be brighter for a short while, and then quickly burn out from too much voltage.
If you want them to last, you'll need to use a resistor to drop the voltage.
If I were to replace the factory LEDs in my 2004 Ford F-150 (window/door locks) is it as simple as desoldering the green lights and resoldering new reds? I assume the circuit boards already have the resistors built in. How are the 1206s connected to the board; I don't see drop in pins. Thanks in advance. - by Carter (Joplin, MO)
Yes. De-solder and re-solder.
Not sure what you mean by drop in pins.
I have a lexus with burned out gauge needles. What resistor(s) do I need. Do you sell them. How many of the 1206's per inch? - by Paul (San Francisco)
Sorry, no idea.
this question was asked earlier , would you or have you considered selling
these as pre wired ? as the ones you offer are to big for my needs. thanks - by Martin (england , uk)
We have not considered supplying these in a pre-wired version. If these are too big, making them pre-wired would make them bigger.
Item 1206 Surface Mount;;
Say 10 in series??, hooked to 12V, That woul be 12v/10= 1.2v to each w/ no resistor; OR AM I THINKING BACKWARDS???? Would they power up @ this voltage ? AND, How is the soldering done (is that a metal 'tab' on each end, or ??). Solder ONLY to board , or could wires be connected? - by Kevin (Seattle Wa)
1.2 volts would not work for each LED. Every color is different. Solder on the tab - you can connect wires to these tabs.
I have herd that diferent color LEDs require different power. So can you replace green LEDs with red LEDs? - by Dan
Can these (or any of your surface mount leds) come prewired? I don't want to solder something that small. - by David (Henderson, NV)
The surface Mount LED does, but this one doesn't. https://www.oznium.com/led-bolts-prewired-leds/prewired-surface-mount-led
can i use them outdoor? are they waterproof?
If you seal the metal part with epoxy or silicone, they could be waterproof.

But you do realize these are quite tiny?
They are about 3.2 mm x 1.6 mm

1206 SMD LED Size
Do these leds require a resistor? - by Chris
If you're hooking them up to 12 volts then you'd certainly want to use a resistor.
can those tiny leds that fit on a dime be hooked to a battery? I'm working on an art project, and I need light inside a dark box...can't rely on a plug or anything.
Yes, they can be hooked up to a battery.
where do we get a power wire from
Either use regular wire, or connect to a board that has a power source.
do these need a power source ? im sorry if its a stupid question, i dont know much about LED's or how to set them up
No problem. Yes, they need a power source. That is what gives them power.