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1206 Surface Mount LEDs
1206 Surface Mount LEDs
Q: What is the viewing angle of the 1206 led? - by John (Illinois)
A: 120 degrees, more info on this link: https://www.oznium.com/1206-smd-led#tech
Q: Another question if the current LEDs are green with a forward v. Of 3.0 is there not a problem replacing them with the 2.0 reds? Will the reds just be brighter w/ the extra voltage ? - by Carter (Joplin, mo)
A: The red would be brighter for a short while, and then quickly burn out from too much voltage.
If you want them to last, you'll need to use a resistor to drop the voltage.
Q: If I were to replace the factory LEDs in my 2004 Ford F-150 (window/door locks) is it as simple as desoldering the green lights and resoldering new reds? I assume the circuit boards already have the resistors built in. How are the 1206s connected to the board; I don't see drop in pins. Thanks in advance. - by Carter (Joplin, MO)
A: Yes. De-solder and re-solder.
Not sure what you mean by drop in pins.
Q: I have a lexus with burned out gauge needles. What resistor(s) do I need. Do you sell them. How many of the 1206's per inch? - by Paul (San Francisco)
A: Sorry, no idea.
Q: this question was asked earlier , would you or have you considered selling
these as pre wired ? as the ones you offer are to big for my needs. thanks - by martin (england , uk)
A: We have not considered supplying these in a pre-wired version. If these are too big, making them pre-wired would make them bigger.
Q: Item 1206 Surface Mount;;
Say 10 in series??, hooked to 12V, That woul be 12v/10= 1.2v to each w/ no resistor; OR AM I THINKING BACKWARDS???? Would they power up @ this voltage ? AND, How is the soldering done (is that a metal 'tab' on each end, or ??). Solder ONLY to board , or could wires be connected??? Thanks Kevin in Seattle,Wa. - by Kevin (Seattle Wa)
A: 1.2 volts would not work for each LED. Every color is different. Solder on the tab - you can connect wires to these tabs.
Q: I have herd that diferent color LEDs require different power. So can you replace green LEDs with red LEDs? - by Dan
A: Yes.
Q: Can these (or any of your surface mount leds) come prewired? I don't want to solder something that small. - by David (Henderson, NV)
A: The surface Mount LED does, but this one doesn't. https://www.oznium.com/led-bolts-prewired-leds/prewired-surface-mount-led
Q: can i use them outdoor? are they waterproof?
A: If you seal the metal part with epoxy or silicone, they could be waterproof.

But you do realize these are quite tiny?
They are about 3.2 mm x 1.6 mm

Q: Do these leds require a resistor? - by Chris
A: If you're hooking them up to 12 volts then you'd certainly want to use a resistor.
Q: can those tiny leds that fit on a dime be hooked to a battery? I'm working on an art project, and I need light inside a dark box...can't rely on a plug or anything.
A: Yes, they can be hooked up to a battery.
Q: where do we get a power wire from
A: Either use regular wire, or connect to a board that has a power source.
Q: do these need a power source ? im sorry if its a stupid question, i dont know much about LED's or how to set them up
A: No problem. Yes, they need a power source. That is what gives them power.