Super Bright LEDs with Diffused Color Lens - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Is this waterproof?
The pins are non-waterproof but the body is.

For example, you could seal the pin by epoxy / hot glue after soldered the wires to the pins. Then it would be waterproof.
if I install these lights in a series of 20 how many amps would I be pulling? how many - by joe (southwest va)
Each led uses 20 mA x 20 = 400 mA or .4 amps. Here is some tech info: https://www.oznium.com/loose-component-leds/led-diffused-lens#tech
does each light need a resistor or can one resistor be used for several leds in series - by terry (marysville,wa)
If you wire in series you can use one resistor or not resistor.
I would like to wire 6 of the blue lights in a series, would a 9volt battery do the trick without a resistor? - by travis (Portland, or)
Maximum voltage is 4V. Wire in series, that should work fine.