LED Holders - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

How big do I need to make the mounting hole for a 10mm LED holder
13.45 mm
Can I use this holder together with the pre-wired LED's you offer and be plug and play together?

I want to utilize a run of 2 to 4 single LED's to accent my front floorboard area in my vehicle, and run it fused to the parking light supply. The car is dreadfully dark at night. - by Stuart (Kentucky)
Yes, the holders work with the prewired leds. They will fit inside and the holder will snap it into place.
do you need a resistor for this product or can you hook it up to 12 volt directly? - by Jim (Ocala, Fl.)
The holders just hold an led. If the led is prewired it already has a resistor wired in.
simple question 'maybe' ... I already have a holder that has a 1 cm exact diameter hole for an LED bulb - will it accept a 10mm bulb or is an 8mm the better choice - the bulb enters from front and rests in the base of the holder - the current bulbs are not marked so I don't their size is why I ask.
Thanx in advance. - by Bill (PA.)
What thread size is on the chrome holder? Looks like they are dsigned to screw into a tapped hole.
Sorry, don't know.
Thank-you for your pevious answer concerning the chrome 5mm holders; but I did not receive the "snap-in" pieces with my holders, and I do not see them listed. I would like to order them, could you please specify part # or other required info?
Thanks, Rob - by Rob (Dorval, Qhebec, Cana)
They should have come with them, they are not sold separately. The chrome holders have a plastic piece that fits inside to hold the light.
Do I have to use silicone or super-glue to install 5mm LEDs into the chrome holders? I'm just worried about possible future LED replacement issues. - by Rob (Dorval, Quebec, Cana)
For the holders, there is another piece that snaps into place which holds the light. No glue needed.
I want to add 4 LED as accent light under the center control panel in my 2007 Toyota FJ. These would come on any time the dash lights are turned on. How do I connect the LEDs to the electrical system? Do I need a relay for them? - by Bill (Colorado Springs, CO)
Run them to a switch, then to a fuse and battery.
At the widest point, what is the width of the 10mm holder?
I'm converting 3-bulb 100 watt/bulb ceiling fixtures in my whole house using 60 10mm super bright dome-LEDs in circular pattern, on circuite board. What would be a good on-center distance for these LEDs so I wont have that missing area of light between the LEDs? What I want is a flood of bright white light in the downward direction. To have this figure will help me when I get to my 48" flourscent fixtures also. I'm very sight impaired & need a lot of light, Plus! My power bills are out of sight because of my blindness. Fred Specie / Columbus Ohio. - by Fred (285 S. Richardson Av)
The light is these is straight down, try placing them edge to edge. Out Spot Lights may also work for you [https://www.oznium.com/led-flood-and-spot-lights/high-intensity-led-spotlight].
I ordered the plastic LED mounting bezels with 3mm LEDs for my latest automotive project. I have found that the plastic bezels are only good for thin sheet metal (maybe up to .5mm) mounting surfaces. that should be in the specs for these so we don't waste our time trying to make them work. Trying to install these in automotive interior plastic panels that are nearly 3mm thick is hopeless and you will end up gluing them in. Is there a plastic mounting bezel available for a thicker mounting surface of 3mm? I understand the chrome onse would probably work, however, i liked the apparence of the black flush mount type. - by Greg (Tampa, FL)
I'm sorry, but we do not have a plastic mounting bezel.
so the superflux will fit the 10mm holders? - by Max (Daytona Beach)
1)Do the LED holders come with a lens?
2)What size holder should i get if i want to fit a 5 mm prewired LED - by Allen (rosemead)
1)The LED Holders do not come with a lense
2)The 5mm LED holder will work perfect with the 5mm pre-wired LED's
What's the recommended technique for using the 2-piece plastic holder? I've tried putting the LED in the holder first, then pushing it into the hole (from the front) then sliding the ring down over the leads, and pressing it over the "ears"... Is there a better way? - by Joe
The way that you have described is the way I have personally installed all of mine.
How large is the mounting hole for the 10mm chrome holders? (The 5mm ones are 7.69) Is it 12.69?
I'm interested in the Superflux Prewired LED's Do you have any mounting holders to fit them? Or do they already have a "mounting holder" built in? Thanks! - by Kevin (Lynchburg, VA)
You can use the 10mm LED Holder for the Superflux pre-wired LED's.
They recess a little bit into the holder but you don't lose any spread.
I need sealed mounting LED's on the front panel - by Mladen (Serbia)
We don't offer any sealed mounting options. You will have to seal them yourself using some sort of silicone or similar product.
I want to mount some 5 mm prewired LEDs into some 7 mm holes on the underside of my hood.

1) Can the chrome holders be used with prewired LEDs?
2) Can these holders be used in a 7mm hole? - by Aaron (Fort Wayne, IN)
The chrome holders can be used with pre-wired LEDs. While the holders are intended for non pre-wired LEDs, they could easily be secured with glue.
Will the pre-wired LED's fit in the plastic one? - by Josh (Baltimore, MD)
I am having a difficult time finding a drill bit that will fit these holders to securely hold these led holders. Do you know the size hole that is needed for these?
I don't know off hand. Whenever I install them, I just open up my set of drill bits, get a piece of scrap wood or plastic, drill a few holes, and test the fit.
I have a 1/4" panel, that I would like to use the chrome 5mm led mount. What is the mounting depth of the chrome mounts??
Also is there a discount for volume orders? - by Chris (Waukesha, WI)
It will certainly fit in a 1/4" panel. Depending on the quantity you order, we can give a small discount.