High Intensity 6 Watt Marine LED Floodlight - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

How far below the waterline do you recommend to install them? Also, do you need a separate regulator for each unit? - by Gabe (Boston)
The regulator is included, 6 inches, 1 ft, 1-1/2 ft, it depends on how you want the light to shine in the water.
Are these sold as a pair or each for the price ?Glenn (Lake Hopatcong , NJ) - by Glenn (Lake Hopatcong NJ)
Sold singly, not as pair.
How long are they warranted for? - by Randy (Knoxville TN area)
We offer a 365 day (1 year) warranty on all of our products.
Hi, Morning
am writing from Singapore. i purchased 6 unit of your 6 W Marine high intensity LED lights, cool white.
i am planning to install these 6 unit 1 feet above the boat waterline, will it get overheat?
Koh - by Koh (Singapore)
Nope. You'll be fine.
I boat on the Allegheny River in PGh and our river is very merky. I have read on other sites to go with green lighting because it may show better. DO you think your lights are strong enough to show in this type of water? ALso, I have a 13 ft beam... how many lights would you recommend on the transom? and should I put a couple under the swim platform shooting down to the water? - by Robert (PGH)
Certainly, the 6W will be great! We haven't tested them in merky water, but they are very powerful, I'd think they have no problem. You decide how many lights you want. You can use 1, 2, or 50 Flood lights.
If you notched side of bezel, could you bend wire up the side and not through hull? - by Andy (west Milford, NJ)
What about for navigation purposes? How would they compare to, say, a 4oo watt sodium light?
One of these is less than 12 watts, but brighter than the standard light. Sorry, not sure.
How many lumens of light output do these produce? How do they compare to the light output of the high intensity LED floodlights? - by Timothy (Salt Lake City, UT)
Here is the technical information on the Floodlights [https://www.oznium.com/led-flood-and-spot-lights/high-intensity-led-floodlight#tech], we don't have this info on the marine lights yet. The Marine light is a bigger light with 3 lights compared to one. Both are very bright.
could these be used as landscape lighting-wall wash floods-using low voltage outdoor wiring and appropriate transformer? - by Robbie (north carolina)
I own a sailboat and I'm considering mounting these as spreader lights but I would have to mount the regulator about 40' away from the lamps themselves. Is that ok? - by Neal (San Diego, CA)
Yup, that will work!
How many lumens does this produce? - by Tai (Saint Petersburg, FL)
Sorry, we don't have this information at this time.
do you have to run the power regulator
Strongly recommended.
Can these lights be mounted iside the boat or do they get too hot? - by Rick (St Louis, MO)
They are designed to be mounted in the water, but you can try mounting them inside the boat.
Can you replace the bulbs should one eventually burn out, or do you have to replace the whole fixture? - by Scott (Valparaiso, IN)
It would be quite difficult to replace one LED. Much easier to replace the whole unit.
What is the light output of this compared to the high intensity flood and spotlight? - by peter (West Springfield, MA)
These have three leds in them.. They are very bright. Brighter than the high intensity flood or spotlight units
Do they require through hull drilling?
How much penetration can you expect from the lights?
Any idea how many you would need for "reasonable" lighting at the back of a boat?
Unfortunately this is purely subjective but I'd suggest starting with 3 or 4 or 5 and then adding more if you think its necessary.
Do these need to be under water all the time for cooling? - by Mark (Dubai UAE)
I understand that now some Marine LED lights are also being used as strobes to attract more fish. Is this possible with these lights? - by Joaquin (Miami, FL)
Yes, you could strobe these lights.
Do they come with the power regulator? - by Joaquin (Miami, FL)
Yes, of course :)
Have you tested this product for rf interference in marine safety equipment? Marine Safety equipment includes VHF marine radios, chart plotters, and general radio equipment.
I am really interested; but had a bad experience with your spot and flood lights. - by Charles (Brick, NJ)
Yes we tested these over a variety of Stereo and Electrical equipment and got no interference