11mm - Perfect for marine projects.

Make your own style for you boat!

  • 8pcs x 3W LED Bolt with waterproof ribbon plug end
  • 15pcs x 16 foot extension waterproof cable
  • 1pc x 1-to-8 waterproof connector
  • 1pc x 40 Inch extension waterproof cable
  • 1pc x Mini LED Dimmer Knob

  • NOTE: AN 11MM METRIC DRILL BIT IS NEEDED FOR THIS INSTALLATION. If you don't have one you can pick one up here: 11mm Drill Bit

    TWO MOUNTING OPTIONS: You can either use the snap-fit springs or the nuts. Both are included. The bright marine LED bolts sit flush in your boat for a discreet hidden appearance.

    BLINDINGLY BRIGHT: Outstanding value for brightness. They're so small which allows you to be discreet during the day but then the light is so bright that it really pops at night!

    RUGGED DESIGN: Works on any 12 volt DC system. Pre-installed wiring is secure, rugged, and easy to work with. It comes LOTS of extra wires so you can just "plug and play". You'll just need to hook up two wires to your boat's battery.

    Looking for Extra LED Bolt? We now offer Extra LED Bolt for Deck Kit
    and Waterproof 1-to-8 Y adapter.