12V Prewired Waterproof Marine Deck Light : Tri-Chip LED Boat Module - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I want to replace the halogen guts in my interior boat lighting..(36' sailboat).. Basically dome lights.. can I just chop the the bulb holder out and wire these little Ozniums in place? I have task lighting over the galley and ambient lights in the berth areas.. How many lumens should I figure for each fixture? Thanks!
You should be able to remove all the old lighting and wire in the LEDs with no problem if your boat is 12v DC, which boats usually are. Not sure how many you would need to achieve the light needed.
What is the IP rating for the LED? Can it be mounted underwater?
We have tested them underwater for 3 days. One went out and then came back on.
Can you run them on 12 volt ac current ? If not do you sell a converter 12 ac to dc - by Denny (Florida)
Yes, you can run them on 12VAC
Can the resistor be made waterproof by sealing with shrink tubing to be able to use in a livewell on a boat? - by Darren (alabama)
Yes. You might also consider adding silicone or hot glue around the resistor.
I want to Wire 12 of the RGB's to one controller, how would I do that? - by Clay (Homestead, FL)
Wire the leds in parallel and then to the controller. (Wire all hot leads together and all ground leads together.)
What are the dimensions on these?
3mm thick (height) and 10mm by 10mm (width/length) or 1/8 inch thick x 5/16 x 5/16
Can this handle heated conditions. Or operate near hot water? Or contact warm surfaces under 120 degree f. - by Wayne (Walnut ca)
Yes, probably.
What is the current draw on the led? - by Tom (Portland, OR)
Here is the tech info on that: https://www.oznium.com/led-bolts-prewired-leds/prewired-surface-mount-led#tech
How long is wire that is attached to these lights - by Eric (Tall Timbers Marylan)
About 18 inches.
How big of a hole do i need for the wire? - by Jesse (United States)
1/8 inch or less.
Could these be used with aquariums? Not submerged, mind you, rather adhered to the existing above-the-tank light fixture as a moonlight? - by L.C. (Florida)
Yep, you could do that.
How should these be mounted in drink holders? Do I need to cut a small slit in the side?
These are great in cup holders. Cutting a small slit is a good idea.
Can you show a diagram of which is line is rbg I can tell the power one but the rest are all black with no clues to which is which
Sometimes they can get flipped during product. Just take two wires and run one to the positive and the there to the negative. If they don't turn on, then switch those wires. If nothing happens try the other two. Quickly, you find which is the Positive and which are Red, Green and Blue.
Is the resistor in the waterproof LED? - by Gerri (Port Hueneme, Califo)
The resistor is attached about 6 inches away from the LED.

The resistor part is covered in heat shrink tubing with a waterproof rating of IP54.
How many of these can I wire together? Also, would you wire them in series or parallel?
Depends on how big (much power) your battery can hold/handle. Run them in Parallel.
I would definitely love to purchase some of these, but for now would like to know if JUST ONE of these would properly operate on a 5volt Usb power source?
No, needs to be closer to 9 to 12v to operate.
Can I power these directly from my dashboard so they also dim when the dashboard is dimmed? - by Richard (Lake Oswego, OR)
Yes, you can.