16 Amp Power Supply - 110 volts to 12 volts - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

What is the physical outside dimensions of this product. If they are in the pictures, the pix won't load for some reason. Thanx! - by Bruce (Michigan)
5 3/8" L x 3 1/4" H x 5 3/4" W
Want to install LED spot lights and flood lights on a boathouse and the stairs leading up to the house. I have a shed on the boathouse that is protected from weather, but it is on the water and it can get humid. Can this be installed outdoors (protected)? If not, what is the best option that will give me at least 16amps?
Can be installed outdoors in waterproof container.
Would you need a Junction Box in order for this to work with the Music Beat Controller?
No, that is only for convenience.
Would this power supply work with the Music Beat LED Controller?
how would you connect this to your light strips? do the wires come with connectors for the light strips or would I have to splice? - by Ryan (Oregon)
The power supply does not come with a connector.

There's many ways to connect the wires together.

For example:
Twist them together. (no tools required, just use your hands to twist them together)
Solder them together. (use a simple soldering iron and solder)
Crimp them together. (use a crimp connector and a crimp tool / pliers)
Use wire nuts to twist them together. (insert both wires into a wire nut and twist)
Should the fan turn on as soon as the unit is plugged in and turned on? - by Paul (North Hollywood, CA)
Mine did not come with a wiring schematic. Which wires do I use for 12 VDC? There are so many. I want to run 4 full reels (16') of LED ribbon lights off one pair, so I can dim them all at once on one dimmer. Can I do this and which wires would be best to use? - by Paul (North Hollywood, CA)
Rather than sending a wiring schematic, instructions are already provided directly on the product page :)

I'll copy them again for you here:

There is a simple method to "trick" the power supply to turn on:

1. Find the biggest bundle of wires with the 20 pin connector.
2. Find the green wire in that bundle - there is only one green wire
3. Connect the green wire to any black wire in the bundle - you can use a paperclip, a small piece of wire, etc. Or permanently splice and solder the wires together.

Then, just flip the power switch on the back and the fan will start running.

To get your 12 volts, find any one of the medium sized rectangular connectors with 4 wires. The yellow wire is 12v , and the black wire next to it is 12v- (or ground).
Is this the same thing that is in a computer because i have a computer skeleton laying around with one in it - by Trevor (Sedalia, CO)
Could this unit be enough to supply a head unit in a grage speaker set up? - by Tony
what are the power requirements of what you want to power? Otherwise cannot answer question.
Hi i am looking to get a 16 Amp Power Supply and power 7 Cathode Light Kits and i was just wondering what Amp Fuse should i use? - by Steven (Lincoln Park, MI)
A 5 Amp fuse will be perfect.
i was wondering what gauge wire i could use if i purchased this. i am currently using a 22 gauge wire with an oznium 2 amp AC Adapter. i wanted to upgrade from that ac adapter to this power supply so i could hook up more lights to my circuit. - by steve
18 to 22 gauge should be fine.
Does this power supply come with a cord that plugs into an outlet or will I need to buy one? - by Jon (Nebraska)
Comes with a cord
I am planning a low-level night light project for my home. Is there a practical limit to length of wire runs from the supply to the lights? I am looking at a max run of 50 ft. to power some strips or individual leds (18 or 22 ga) - by Dave (Shreveport, LA)
This should work fine
How long would I be able to leave this running, powering about 3 of your cold cathode kits and about 10 prewired LEDs? - by Nick (Cedarburg, WI)
I don't see any reason why you couldn't leave it running 24/7.
How many watts is this system? 480? - by Michael (Warrensburg)
Yes, it says so right in the page title =)
Does this unit have auto switching for input voltage. In other words can I supply the unit with a 240v AC 50Hz supply or is this strictly 110v - by Adrian (United Kingdom)
Strictly 110v AC.
If I have a 110v AC plug in my car, could I plug this into it and then run all my lights off of it? - by Nick (Cedarburg, WI)
I suppose so, but why would you do that? Just run all your lights off of your car's existing 12v system. There's no need to convert to AC and then back again.
Would I be able to run an in-dash LCD monitor of it?
Most likely, yes.
How would I attach 6 Cold Cathodes to this product, in the action shot it shows the prewired LED being connected into the pin connector thing, but that is with the yellow + and black - how do i attach more than one thing? Also does it come with more than one pin connector in the action shot it shows a few. - by Joey (California)
You'd just cut the wires, strip back the insulation and splice them together. You could use solder, you could just twist them and electrical tape them, you could use butt-connectors. It comes with a few molex connectors.
If I wired up something and it happened to pull more than 480 watts, is there any fuse/circuit breaker or safety device that will keep it from frying? - by Andrew (Birmingham,AL)
Yes, the 480 Watt Power Supply has an internal circuit breaker should something like this happen.
Does this have enough juice to power an amp, specifically one capable of putting out 1200 watts RMS at 12v? - by Mike
Bad idea. Most amps will draw much more than 16 amps, and will burn out the power supply.
Does the power supply need to be plugged into the wall for this to work?
It needs 110v AC. Instead of plugging it into the wall, you could plug it into an extension cord. Or you could hard wire the power. Ultimately though, it needs to be plugged in. It does not have a battery source.