LED Parts | Million Color Flatheaded Power Cord - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Do these come in longer lengths? - by Mike (Omaha, NE)
if i run all the individual wires to the battery...isnt that a lot of wires to connect...and they all will not be long enough to reach will they - by Liz (roswell)
Here is a diagram, hope this helps: https://www.oznium.com/forum/topic8319
i want to mount 6 million color motorcycle led strips in different places on my bike. do i need this to connect them prior to connect one end to the battery - by Liz
You can mount your strips then run all the wires to your battery.
if i buy this and the remote 4 channel contorllercan i just snip the connector on the end and run it straight into the ports on the controller? - by Scott (Urbandale, IA 50322)
Yes, you can hook them to the controller like that.
how long is this cable? - by Rob
About 3 inches