LED Parts | Linear Light Extension Interconnect Cable - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Is there a 4pin version of this cable available for use with the newer single 4-pin plug million color led strips? - by Jeff (Canuckistan)
Yes, you can find it here: https://www.oznium.com/replacement-parts/rgb-extension-cable
These won't plug and play with the new model of strips- any plans to rectify? - by Barney
Easy to make other products plug and play with these: https://www.oznium.com/connection-cable
The pictures look like it will not work with RGB (four wire) strips even though it is listed as an accessory on your "million" RGB strip page. Which "Linear Light Extension Cable" will work with the four wire strips? - by Mike
Just buy 2 of these instead of 1.
As you can see, the RGB has 2 plugs on each side instead of 1 plug on each side.
are the connectors waterproof or can the be siliconed together to be water proof? - by Dan (Gulf Breeze Fl)
They are waterproof.
If I order the RGB Pre-wired Waterproof Ribbon LED Strips which RGB box controller would these cables work best and which controller is best recommended? - by Lorenzo (Houston TX)
You'll need two sets of cables for the RGB strip. The 'best' controller to use, is what is best for your application.
Can this be spliced and made to plug into a wall outlet?
These already can be plugged into an AC Adapter. You can also cut these if you want.
Could you run this:
waterproof LED strip - cable - [cut the cord and ground 1 side, power the other from bat. Directly] car battery - inline fuse - switch?
Should be: car battery> inline fuse> switch> cable> waterproof strip. You can cut the cord on the cable and wire it directly.
What gauge is this wire?
14 or 18.
I have two of the tube lights that have these connections, what type of hook up do I order to run these in my car? - by Marcellus (Oak Grove, Ky)
It depends on how you want to run this. Straight to battery? Fuse block? Switch? Other electronics? Other LEDs? There are just to many variables.
I recently bought 4 pre-wired ribbon LED strips and wanna wire all 4 to my battery....could i essentially buy a bunch of these cables and use them all as extension cords to run all 4 LED strips to my battery? - by Kyle (Lower Burrell, PA)
Yes, you certainly could. Go for it.
Sorry, but if I was to cut the middle of the extension cord and solder extra wire to extend the length, would this cause any problems? - by Timothy (Flushing, NY)
No, it won't cause any problems.
What about 3-4 extension cables daisy chained? Would this cause a problem? - by Timothy (Flushing, NY)
No problems doing this. Go for it.
If the 3 foot extension is not long enough, can I add daisy chain another 3 foot? So essentially it would be [Piranha | 3 ft cable | 3ft cable | Piranha]. - by Timothy (Flushing, NY)
yes, two three foot cables should not cause enough voltage drop to cause a problem