Retail, Commercial, & Industrial High Intensity Mini LED Flood Light - Blinding! - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

How many flood lights, mounted directly {extended below the top of the sign about 4 inches in a reflective trough} below a 4 ft x 8 ft foot sign would be required? What is the approximate beam angle of these flood lights? - by Banderan
As you can see directly on the product page, the beam angle of these lights is 120 degrees.

Its a bit subjective how many you'd need. Depends how bright you want it.

Perhaps start with 4 lights, and go from there. For example, if you still need it brighter, you could add more.
I do craft shows ; How many of these lights could I run on a 12 volt marine battery and approx. how long ? Could I run 15 floods for 10 hours on one battery? - by Robert (Birmingham Alabama)
Depends how big the battery is... Like how many amp hours it is.
can I hook straight to a 12 volt auto battery thru fuse box? pops, Austin Tx - by Thomas (Round Rock Texas)
I want to rig my 18' jon boat up for bow fishing with led's thinking 6 in front 2 in back one interior any sugjestions how big how many how mix of flood and spotlights. Let me know what you think.
The Spot lights are going to shine into the water deeper than the Flood lights, maybe 4 Spot lights and 2 Flood lights in the front, 2 Spotlights on the rear and 1 Flood lights in the interior. Just a suggestion.
How would these work to replace the bulbs in a tail light with amber, red and clear (back-up) lenses?
They should work fine.
Can you use them under water in a pool - by Del (Arlington TX)
Yes. We have customers use these under their boats too.
How much heat is generated with one high intensity LED? (1 WATT) If it were
enclosed, would it require ventilatio?. - by BOB (BRADENTON, FLORIDA)
The average temperature of the aluminum housing during constant operation is about 120 to 130 degrees fahrenheit.

It would work without ventilation, but to be certain, its best if you test with your specific application.

EDIT: After testing, these will get warmer then room temp, but not reach 120 degrees.
How long is the pig tail wire??? - by Jim (Fort Worth, Texas)
About 3 feet. You're welcome to extend or cut it however you'd like.
Has anyone tried using these for artifical light source for indoor flowers to keep them healthy over winter? - by scott
If they have, they didn't tell us about it. We don't really know much about the specific types of light indoor plants may require, and if any of our LED products would be suitable. If there's any technical info we can answer, though, just ask!
What's the wattage for one high intensity led?
1 Watt
Which of the white LEDs are the brightest, the warm or the cool? - by Danny (Mississippi)
They are very similar in brightness.
what is the farest distance the light can be from the area you to show?
This depends on many conditions, The Color flood you are using, the amount of light in the area and the color of the area that you are looking to light up.
About how much area will the LED flood light up? - by John
It depends on how you mount it, how far away it is from the surface it is lighting up, and the ambient light conditions (how bright it is in the room, etc).

Perhaps you can start by purchasing a few to test with.
could you use these light to backlight a light box for out side of a store. If not what would you recommend. - by Virginia (Florida)
You could use these for that. Depending on the size and shape of the light box, you may also consider our 20" Tri-chip LED tubes.
do they come with brakets to mount them with? - by Micki
The High Intensity LED Flood does not come with mounting brackets, however there are two small holes you can use to mount to a surface.
what size power supply would you need to run 10 of these lights, in sequence? - by Marion (Ray City, GA)
Our 5amp AC adapter will be able to handle ten of these!