Looking for bright white light that won't get hot, even if it looks that way? Our 12 Volt Waterproof SMD bar has a contoured design that will hold up in all weather conditions, indoors or outside, providing a visual experience that will turn heads so fast there might some neck sprains to deal with.

Use it as under-cabinet kitchen lighting, or use it on your ride to announce your presence in no uncertain terms. Our waterproofing technology means you can throw this unit on an outside deck, a boat, or a nightclub bar area without worrying it will get splashed and short out.

And, of course, as with all our LED pieces, you can leave it running all night without worrying about excessive heat.

The waterproof SMD bar is 0.16 inches high, 0.41 inches wide, and 20 inches long, but the light it throws is waaaay larger, with 30 SMD LEDs pumping out an amazing intensity.

They can be cut every 3 LED's which is equivalent to 2 inches. You can then use both sides! Its unfortunately not possible to attach new wires to the middle of the cut portion. If you need the cut section to remain waterproof, you'll need to apply silicone, epoxy, or some other waterproofing material.

While this 120 degree viewing angle waterproof SMD Bar is bendable, you should be aware that it is not as flexible as some of our other strips, simply due to the waterproofing included.

This product is perfect under your cabinets! For this photo, a white SMD Bar was used. If you're looking for a warmer glow try our warm white SMD bar.

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