Bi-color Anti-vandal LED Switch, Push Button On/Off Switch - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can you supply a schematic diagram of the internal hook ups inside the switch? - by Eric (United States)
Here is a diagram: https://www.oznium.com/bi-color-anti-vandal-switch#tech

If you need further information please let us know.
Can this be setup so the switch can be used a as switch, and a micro controller can be used to manipulate the 2 LEDs, independently?
You could wire the posts on the back to the controller, that might work. Here is a diagram: https://www.oznium.com/bi-color-anti-vandal-switch#tech
Can this switch (momentary) control an external connected bi-color LED the same way it changes its internal bi-color LED? - by Keith (Iowa)
Yes, it's possible. Depending on your setup you may or may not need to use a relay.
Can this bi-color LED switch change from red to green when you push it? Does it stay lit, indicating red or green till pushed again? - by Keith (Iowa)
Yes, one main purpose of the switch is for it to change from red to green when you push it.
Yes, it stays lit.
When the switch is in the ON position, the light is green. When the switch is in the OFF position, the light is red.
Do you have a variant that operates in momentary mode where the switch is closed when you do not press it, but open when you do press it?
(My application is to remove a backup battery from a circuit when you press the switch, i.e. open the circuit. Must not be latching. Need momentary.) - by Ken (Dublin, Ireland.)
No, but you could use a relay to achieve this.
Is this switch UL listed? - by Greg (Canada)
No sorry.
what would the cost be for a 100 in black - by Collin (Colorado)
We have two styles, latching and momentary. Not sure which you are referring to, estimate is $15.99 or $19.99.
Can this be used as a motorcycle start switch? It would need to handle 10 amps I guess. Thanks. Emmanuel - by Emmanuel (Los Angeles)
Sorry, this can only handle about 3 amps.
You could certainly use it to switch a higher amperage load with a relay.
Awesome looking switch... when is the BLACK one coming out? - by Jon
As of now, we have no plans for a black one.
If you can order 100 pcs, we can certainly custom make it.