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Black Paddle Toggle
Black Paddle Toggle
Q: What size connectors will I need to attach the wires?
A: Posts are 2 mm wide or .082 inch.
Q: So the LED strip is connected to the switch and the switch is connected to the 12v power supply? I know dumb question...
A: Basically yes, here is a diagram that may help: [https://www.oznium.com/switches/rocker-switch#tech].
Q: what is the mounting hole diamater for this in inches? and aprox. how long is the paddle?
A: The mounting hole needs to be 0.579 inches (14.73mm).The paddle itself is just under a half inch.
Q: Is this waterproof? - by Eric (Houston)
A: No
Q: Can this switch be mounted on a lawn tractor to operate a 12 volt sprayer? - by Gil (New York)
A: Yes