GSW-45 Rocker Switch - Scion OEM Style - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Why does this switch not fit the 2008 and up xB? Are there any other switches that will fit? - by Jake (Texas)
The dash configuration was changed by the manufacturer. We don't carry any others that will fit. You can always try to modify the switch by shaving it but no guarantee it will fit.
For the momentary on-off-on, is one side momentary of both sides? - by Anthony (Colorado)
Both sides are momentary.

FYI: Parenthesis indicate momentary action.
So "Momentary (On) / Off / (On)" means both "On" positions are momentary.
If only one "On" was momentary, it'd look like this: Momentary On / Off / (On)
This does not fit in a 2008 Scion Xb, I would like to return it. Do you have a switch that fits 2008-2011? - by Matt (San Diego)
We don't have a switch to fit 2008 or newer, no problem returning it.
do you guys have the "on / off / on" switch with an indicator light as well or is that just for the "on / off" rocker switch?
Sorry, no on/off/on with an led. Yes, leds only on the on/off switches.
which is the power, ground and load?? - by Bswish (long beach)
Here is a diagram for that: https://www.oznium.com/scion-switch-led#tech
On the on/off/on switch, does that mean you can hook 2 different things up to the 2 separate "on" sides?
For the on/off/on switch, Can it be used on negative only, meaning neither on circuit 1 or 3 but only on 2?
I'm a bit confused of what you're asking, but the on/off/on switch doesn't care whether positive or negative current runs through it.

The on/off/on simply works like this:
When it is to the far left position, pins 1 and 2 will be connected.
When it is in the off / middle position, no pins will be connected.
When it is to the far right position, pins 2 and 3 will be connected.
What if I want an on/off/on switch with LED lights? Does Oznium sell that as a package? Or do I have to buy 3 LED light switches? - by Drew
I'm sorry but we don't have an on/off/on switch with LEDs.
In order for me to have an on-off-on switch with led lights, do I have to buy 3 GSW-45 LED Rocker Switch - Scion OEM Style AND 1 GSW-45 Rocker Switch - Scion OEM Style? I'm not sure if the LED Rocker Switch are sold as individual switches or as a whole 3 piece set.

- Drew (MD) - by Drew
We have an on/off/on switch available without the LED https://www.oznium.com/switches/gsw-45
Is the momentary switch a rocker switch, or is it just push in?
it is a rocker style switch
I'm wondering if I should get a battery holder to make the "superflux 4-chip 12V LED"work in my car,


is there another way to connect with the "superflux 4-chip 12V LED" in my car? How do i connect them with my battery? and will it drain my battery if i have them in my car?

I really want to have at least 10 of "superflux 4-chip 12V LEDs" in my car, but i have no knowledge of doing so. If there's any possible way I could understand what to do and how to do it?

thanks you! - by Cosme (saskatoon,SK Canada)
a good place for more information is our online forums. In general you would hook these to a switch and fuse to a power source in your car. You would not want these to be on all the time or it will drain your battery. You do not need a battery holder as your car already is wired for the correct voltage and has a battery.
What brand is the switch?
These switches can come from several sources but all are rated to the specs posted on our store.
I installed it on my after market fogs and my fuse keeps blowing. tried several amps but nothing seems to work. the swtich i bought has on/off and three prongs on the back. the switch lights up before i try switching it on then it blows when i do.
Please check your wiring, and make sure the fuse you're using is properly sized for the current draw of your fog lights.
Since there are only two prongs (running the positive wire), does that mean that it does not need to be grounded (running the negative wire)? - by Albert
Only the light up version needs to be grounded.
My car isn't listed on the product page. Will this switch fit my car? - by dan (texas)
If your switch is NOT mentioned, then we do not know if it will fit your vehicle. Please try measuring the opening to see if the switch will fit, or just buy it and try. You can always return it if it doesn't.
What is the size of the rectangular hole the switch fits into? - by Jerry
Recommended mounting hole: .830" x 1.450"
I see that this switch does not fit the 2008 xb, are you going to come out with some? or do we have to do some customizing?
Sorry, but we have no plans to make a switch for the 2008 xB. You can always use another switch though. It just won't fit perfectly in the stock location.
do you have the diagram for the back connectors..will it match the US stock harness connectors with yours or will i have to re wire it? 2006 scion xb. this is for the fog light
Diagram for what? There's just 2 prongs on the back of the switch.

It will not match any Scion harnesses. Either solder your wires, or use .250" spade terminals.
Is the momentary switch available in an "on-off-on"? - by Joel
No. The momentary switch is only available in an "on-off".
can you show a wiring diagram of which wire connect to which prong on the switch?
There's just 2 prongs and it doesn't matter which prong you connect to. They are both the same.
What is a momentary switch?
A momentary switch means that it is only connecting the circuit while you hold the switch - the rest of the time the circuit is not connected. When you let go of holding the switch in the "on" position, it will automatically jump back to the "off" position.
About how many cold cathode kits can be hooked up to one of these switches? - by Nick (Cedarburg, WI)
Since the switch is rated for 20 amps and each cathode kit draws .7 amps, just divide 20 by .7 and you will find that you can use around 28 cathode kits on this switch.
On the Scion xB do these fit under the compartment under the radio?

Switches under dash radio in Scion
What is the on/off/on switch? Does it perform like the front map light switch in the Scion tC ? - by Vietboy (Iowa)
The on/off/on switch has 3 positions. It has two different On positions with a center Off. Yes it performs like the front map light switch in the Scion tC.

Here is a circuit wiring diagram:
On Off On switch circuit structure 3 positions