Mini LED Dimmer Knob - Control up to 4.8 amps @ 12V - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

What is the angle of twisting from max power to completely off?
The knob turns clockwise to turn to full brightness and counter clockwise to turn it off. If that did not answer your question please contact Customer Service at 800-245-8131.
what is warranty
One year.
Possible to connect these in parallel to independently control the R, G, B channels of an RGB LED strip, like a nicer version of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPMrayXM4C4 ?
Yes. You can use 3 x mini LED dimmer knobs to independently control the R, G, B channels of an RGB LED strip as long as the RGB strip is with common positive.
in this "Questions" section for the mini-dimmer, a response is that the dimmer is ALSO an off switch, which implies Zero current draw. But in the tech specs section for the mini-dimmer, it says Standby Current is 3mA at 0% "off" state. Is this the lowest DIMMING current, and the switch ALSO does a true Zero current draw disconnect? a bit confusing to me, so I wanted to get a clearer answer
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The tech specs section has been corrected.
Is it possible to wire 2 of these in an rv to control the same lights from either end of the rv?
No. You can possibly wire 2 dimmer knobs to the same light but the light is off only when both dimmer knobs are off, and the light is on only when both dimmer knobs are on.

If you want to turn a light on or off from different locations, you need 3-way switches. Then if a light is off, either switch can turn it on; if the light is on, either switch can turn it off.
I am running two of these dimmers to two sets of lights . . When they share a common neg and positive the LED lights on one string flicker when dimmed . . .
Depending on which lights you are using it should be wired like this: Red wires from switch and leds to hot power source.
Black wires from switch to negative power source.
White wire from switch to one led ground wire, the other white wire from switch to other led black wire. If you are using a light that has a built in driver that might cause the flickering.
I have a strand of two-color leds (white and red). The are actuated by a three position rocker switch (on-off-on). Would it be possible to install this dimmer between the battery and the 3-position switch to dim both colors (dependent on the position of the 3-way switch)?
That should work but I would need to test that to make sure.
Placed a 5 amp fuse in my 12 v. led light strip, is that too much ?
A 2-3 amp fuse would be sufficient.
Will this dimmer also work with small incandescent bulbs? I bought it for use with custom car gauges that I thought would have LED's but came with incandescent bulbs. How might it be wired to work with the incandescent bulbs?
Let me check into this further and get back to you.
I want to use a rocker switch from the battery before connecting the dimmer to a LED strip so I can turn it off completely- how should I do this?
Not sure why you would need the rocker switch. The dimmer is an off/on switch also. Best to use that and connect to battery, then wire the dimmer to the strip. If you have more questions please contact Customer Support at 800-245-8131.
Hi how do I connect the red wire to both the power source and the LED?
You can connect 3 wires the same way you'd connect 2 wires. You could simply twist the 3 wires together and cover them with electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing. You could also solder them together. Or you could use a quick splice connector such as these.
I just tried installing one and it never worked for me. However I did short it, saw a little spark, and blew a 20 amp fuse when it happened. Should work now following the wiring diagram but nothing.
Sorry you are having problems. Please call customer service at 800-245-8131 for assistance.
Does this draw residual current when in the off position?
No. When the knob is turned all the way to the left, it "clicks" off, and zero current is drawn.
Does it work with 12 volts landscaping transformer?
Only if the transformer is 12V DC and not AC.
Does it work with 12 volt AC?
It only works with 12VDC to 24VDC. It doesn't work with AC.
Can this switch be wired in a "high side" fashion?
Sorry, no. It can only switch from the low or negative side.
What is the maximum voltage that your mini LED Dimmer Knob can withstand?

I have a 7S Lithium battery system in my RV. The max voltage (while charging) could be 30V. Will your dimmer work with voltage this high?
Our mini LED Dimmer Knob is designed to work with input voltages between 12VDC to 24VDC.
Sorry, it won't work on 30VDC. We suggest you use a DC-DC step down converter to make sure the voltage is no more than 24V.