These are small, round momentary rocker switches. A momentary switch means that it is only connecting the circuit while you hold the switch - the rest of the time the circuit is not connected. When you let go of holding the switch in the "on" position, it will automatically jump back to the "off" position.

This is not a pushbutton switch. It is a rocker switch.

There are no wire leads connected to this switch. You can connect wire either via solder, or crimp-on female quick connects (which we recommend!). Please contact us if you have interest in pre-connected wire.

(On) / Off = Usually OFF, but when you press the switch, it turns ON. When you let go, it turns back OFF.
(On) / Off / (On) = Usually OFF in the middle, but when you press the switch in either direction, it turns one of two circuits ON. When you let go, it turns back to OFF. (SPDT)

Are you looking for a 3 position momentary switch (on/off/on), like a power window switch, where it returns to the center neutral position automatically when you let go of the switch? Great! Simply buy the the "On / Off / On" style.

We've also got a rectangular momentary rocker switch that fits
perfectly in Scion's and many other vehicles spare switch slots.