Adjustable Door & Hood Pin Switch - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

I often use morse code while driving to communicate with other drivers. But using the factory headlight on/off switch can be cumbersome and people never respond. Is this an instant on/off switch which I could use with morse code efficiently if I were to install it in my dash? Do I need one for each headlight if I'm talking to two different cars?
No, that is only a pin switch. You would need something like an on/off switch: https://www.oznium.com/switches/remote-switch
That is coded to the receiver.
/what the dimensions of the switch, closed and open. Also what is the diemension from the nut shoulder the the spade blade end?
From top of plunger to bottom of bolt is 25mm. When pressed in, it is 18mm to bottom of bolt.
Can I put this switch in the pocket...
Sure, you can put it wherever you'd like.
hi i want it like ford when the door is shut it will be blue like the rest of the lighting footwells ect... but when it opens the door they changes to red how can i set something like that up ?? - by paul (bolton uk)
You could use a relay to change the current a red and blue led.
Does it come with the nut needed to mount this in a 5/16" hole? If not, what is the size / thread of the nut needed. (1/4" standard?) - by Bill (Kansas)
Extra numb not included, 1/4 inch is correct.
what is the measurement from the top thread beneath the bolthead to the top of the button in the fully in and fully out positions
because it may be too long to fit - by Dan (joliet IL.)
From top of plunger to bottom of bolt is 25mm. When pressed in, it is 18mm to bottom of bolt.
I want to get catholdes for my engine bay on a XB2 and use this swtich for it... how many of your catholdes can I hook up to this one switch?

-Angel NJ Scikotics - by Jay (NJ Scikotics)
Depends on the switch. Most are rated between 10-20. A cathode 'kit' pulls .7 amps.
i want to mount this with the end of the chrome sleeve flush to the mounting surface, but that dosnt look possible. does the chrome sleeve in front of the threads retract inside? can it be removed? i need to place it so my door mashes the button down when it is closed, but if the sleeve is not flush, my door will not shut over it. - by Joseph (North Aurora, IL)
The sleeve part doesn't retract. The black plastic part is the only one that moves.

For example:
pin switch retracted sleeve
would this work in my center council i always have my arm resting on the armrest there and i wasnt sure if that would cause the switch to break or not work properly because of to much weight?
It really depends how you install the switch.
If i want to put two cathodes, one on driver and passenger, and i want to both doors to control the lighting of both cathodes when opened, how do i do that? do i need a switch on each door? and what about the power, do i connect both to the same current?
If you want both doors to to control the lights, you'd need a switch on each door.

But, why don't you just hook up the lights to your existing door switches? Or you could hook them up to your dome light if that comes one with your doors.
Is this switch waterproof? I am thinking about puting one on the tailgate to switch on light in the bed. - by Adam
Yep, that should work well.
I was thinking about getting two cathodes to put under the dash on the passenger and driver side to light up the pedals and the floor. could those be wired to this switch to have them come on when the door is opened. if so, would i need two switches or just one?
You would need one switch per door that you wanted to activate the cathodes.

You should be able to just tap into the power and ground for your dome light or other courtesy lights in your car, no need for additional switches. Ask around on a message board dedicated to your vehicle or something for specific help finding these wires.
How is it activated...when its pushed it, It creates power? Or when its released out is when power is applied? - by Jeff
When the switch is "pushed in" it is in the OFF position.
So when you open your door it supplies power, when you close the door power is cut off.
Could i use this pin under the hood? So whenever i open my hood my leds light up in the engine bay? - by Konrad (somewhere)
Yes, absolutely!
is this switch the same thats in my hood now, or do i need to get this one, in order to have my engine lighting set up turn on when i open the hood - by Jorge (Miami, FL)
It's similar to the one in your hood now. If you have a light source already in your engine bay, you can tap into that to add extra engine lighting, without needing this switch.
Can it be wired to turn on/power when you SHUT the door? - by Bear (Minnesota)
Yes, using a relay.
Could I use this in the glove box to add some light when it's opened? Is there a lot of pressure against it to not allow the glove box single latch to hold glove box closed?
Yes you can do that.
what is the process of installing this? - by Eugene (San Francisco, CA)
1) Drill a 5/16" hole.
2) Use supplied nut to tighten pin switch in place.
how many amps can it handle?
Sorry, don't know.
how do you hook it up? does it have two connectors like a regular switch?
It has 2 connectors just like a regular switch.