♦ Need a spare remote control?
♦ Want to have a new look for your remote control?
Get this remote duplicator to become your new remote!

With the slider cover design, you will not mistakenly hit the button, more secure to use!

Two buttons remote duplicator can copy your original remote with ON/OFF buttons.

How can you copy your remote to this new one?

First, you need to make sure your original remote is in 315MHz as our duplicator is only compatible with 315MHz remote.

How to check the frequency if you don't have any idea?
- You can use the frequency-measuring device to check the frequency of your remote; or
- Open the remote shell to see the circuit board, some of the remote will show the number of 315 or 433 for indication of frequency.

If you have a 315MHz remote, then follow the below instructions copy the remote:

1. Code delete:

Press both keys at the same time.
Release the left button and press three times after the LED flashing.
The code is deleted when the LED flash quickly.
The LED will not flash even pressing any button.

2. Copy code from original remote:

⇒ Put two remotes close together.
⇒ Press the same button at the same time and the code is successfully copied when the LED is flashing.
⇒ Do the same action to another button

▼ Watch the below video to get a clear instruction ▼