In-line 12v LED Dimmer with rotary knob dimming control - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

will this work to controll the high intensity flood lights?
No, they are not dimmable.
Will this rotary switch/dimmer operate for the LED light D3221-3W-12DCS-38 ?

Or, does only the off/on feature of the dimmer swtch work to power the LED's at their maximum brightness? BY: Richard Kaiser (Sandpoint, Idaho) - by Richard (1414 Autumn Lane)
Sorry, no idea what this is, "D3221-3W-12DCS-38".

The dimmer can go from 0% brightness (off) to 100% brighness (maximum brightnes on).
Can you clarify how to use this dimmer when connecting multiple LEDs in series ?
Tks - by Barry (Sydney, Australia)
You could use the Junction Box to connect multiple LEDs then connect the Junction Box to the Dimmer Switch or hook the LEDs directly to the Dimmer Switch by wiring positive to positive and negative to negative.
i want to run 5to10 pre wired 12v leds for my cup holders, door handles, etc i want to hook them all up to one dimmer knob that i'll mount in one of the factory "plug" that fills the void where a fog light switch would go can i use a plain knob rheostat
or do i need a PWM dimmer
the plug is aprox 1"x115" a knob shaft that would fit a 3/8" hole with a 1/2" knob would be ideal
do you have such a set up or could you tell me what ohm range to use for a rheostat - by mike (parks)
Yes, you'll need a PWM. I'm sorry, but we do not carry those, nor have knowledge about them.
I purchased this dimmer to dim down 2 15 led strips for my gauge cluster in my truck but whichever way i hook it up it only turns it completely on or off, no dimming. Any ideas? - by Jose (Florissant, MO)
Depending on the strips, they may not be dimmable.
Can I hook this directly to the 3ft extension cable?
Sorry, no. The Dimmer just has two loose wires; no plug like the extension cable
I'm a complete noob when it comes to lighting, and I've been thinking about getting some interior illuminations. I've seen people get LED bulbs, and some get cathodes. Does the dimmer work with cathodes? Would LED bulbs be better than cathodes for interior illumination?
Our Dimmer & Control Switch does work with Cathode Tubes, however, not as well as other lights. Our strips and bars would probably give you better illumination.
How is this switch mounted
You decide how it is mounted. https://www.oznium.com/product_photos/large/3512.jpg
Does this dimmer come in black
No, just the white. I'm sorry.
How efficient is this dimmer; that is, how much idle current is consumed?
The dimmer pulls less then a watt, when it is not dimming. The more dim you turn it, the less power is consumed.
If I hook up 13 strips and a dimmer to my 12 volt wires inside my camper, will I get any static on TV? Or have any other problems? - by John (Chicago)
I don't see why there would be any problems.
Any chance of a simple on-off switch that's inline like this one? Thanks! - by Bathsheba (Santa Cruz)
Sure, that is possible. You know this dimmer switch also offers an on/off functionality... Just turn it all the way down an it will be off. Turn it all the way up and it will be on.
What is the load rating of this dimmer? - by Bert
2 amps
Does the dimmer act as an on/off switch as well?
Will this dimmer work with the Tri-Chip LED Tube? - by Doug (Oriental, NC)
If I were to use an Ac adaptor and a Junction box (looking to wire up 8 strips of seperate LEDs) where would I install this dimmer? Do I need to splice in the Ac adaptor wire? - by Shane (Lancaster Pennsylva)
You'd install the dimmer between the AC Adaptor and junction box. You'd just plug it in.
I want to run 45 feet of ribbon LEDs and (4) two foot side emitting LED strips off one of these. Will it handle the load? - by Jeff (Mountain City, TX)
How many 20" surface mount bars can be linked together and controlled by this dimmer? - by Tom (Hendersonville, TN)
The amount is unlimited. As long as they all get power.
Would you please show me a diagram of the proper way to wire in the In Line Rotary 12 V Dimmer. Please indicate if it goes in the Neg. or Pos. line. - by Steve (Ft Lauderdale, FL)
You hook it up to both the positive and negative wires. There is a positive wire and a negative wire that needs to be hooked up to the respected wires.
I purchased 3 to operate my auto lighting for the Piranha lights I purchased from you and they don't dim the lights. Probably because they are just for AC applications. Probably should tell people they won't work on the 12V systems. - by Steve (Ft Lauderdale, FL)
They are indeed designed for 12V systems. Perhaps you are hooking them up wrong?
The plastic sections in the wires, are those disconnects so that you can remove the switch from the circuit should you want to? If so, are the plugs set up so that you can reconnect the two ends without the switch? - by Mike
Yes, yes.
Will this work with my Piranha bars I use in my home? - by Mark (Tampa, FL)
Yes this will work perfectly on these! I tested them myself and they provide a great range of brightness with the piranha bars.