GSW-45 Lighted Rocker Switch - Scion OEM Style - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Would it be possible to switch pins 2 and 3? I am using this to control part of my transmission and it's throwing a solenoid check engine light code because the ECU doesn't see a signal wired as directed when I turn the switch off. If I were to switch the 12V power source to pin 3 and the 12V accessory (in this case my transmission solenoid) to pin 2, would that work? I am hoping that when I turn it off, the 12 accessory (solenoid) won't see power but the 12 power source still has continuity and won't throw a code.
Yes, it's possible. Please give it a try to see if it solves the error.
Do you know if and when a rocker switch will be available that fits the 2nd generation scion 2011+ ?
Sorry, we have no plans to make one.
Is this a single pole single throw (SPST) or single pole double throw (SPDT) switch?
What is the warranty on the Scion lighted rocker switch - by Jim (Greentown, PA)
1-year warranty on all products. If they arrive defective (Switches don't), stop working (switches don't), or any thing specific, just let us know and we'll take care of you.
I am using this switch for my fog lights and there are only 2 wires available. I get the switch to work but not the LED HELP!
Please contact us at CS@oznium.com so we can help you.
I bought some fog lights that came with a switch, but it stopped working. The wiring has a harness at the end but I cant find another switch that will fit it. If i cut the wires from the harness how would I hook it up to one of these LED switches. There are 4 wires, 2 red (one being from the battery, and the other tapped from the ignition wire to power the switch) 1 ground and a white wire that goes to the fogs. Could I put the 2 power wires together, and then put the ground and white wire seperately to the other prongs? Just wondering if it will work before i cut the harness and buy the switch. Thanks - by Tyler (Charlotte, NC)
Sorry, we don't know. Everyone has unique fog lights, and there isn't a universal answer.
How do you plug in the LED to Pin #3 do you have some kind of connecter or you just strip the wire and put it around the little whole? I am trying to hook up 12 of your prewired LEDs on the GSW-45 LED Rocker Switch and I am not sure how to do it? When you buy this switch does it come with the fuse and fuse holder or is that separate as shown on your technical info?
The fuse and fuse holder are sold separately. You strip the wire and insert it into the hole, that makes the connection. Wrapping with electrical tape would be good too.
Can you hook up 2 switches to one LED? I want to be able to control an LED with either switch.
if you use switched in parallel you can use either one to turn on led, but to turn off both switched have to be turned off.. To make it so you can turn on or off with either switch and not make sure the unused switch is turned off you would need what is known as a three way switch http://www.howstuffworks.com/three-way.htm
I was wondering if you have on/off/on ones avaiable, I've been trying to find a good looking three way rocker switch for a while, let me know! thanks! - by Merica (Montreal)
We have two styles of on/off/on switches available:

Rectangular "Scion" style: https://www.oznium.com/switches/gsw-45
Round Rocker style: https://www.oznium.com/switches/rocker-switch
i own a 2008 scion xd, is there anything i could do to enable the switch to fit?
I suppose you could shave it if its close. Or how about just drilling a hole somewhere, and using a round rocker switch?
Can you hook up multiple led's to a single switch? Like if you are wanting to set up a whole under dash glow with two or three led modules to be controlled by one switch to turn them off and on simultaniously? - by Julian (Odessa Texas)
These switches are rated at least 20 amps, that means you can hook up just about every light in your car to one switch.
Will these work with 12v applications? - by Kris (Colorado)
These will absolutely work with 12v applications! That is exactly what they are designed for.
I bought and installed this LED rocker switch. It looks great! It turns my lights on and off just fine.

But for some reason, the LED light on the switch always stays on, whether or not the switch is on or off.

What am I doing wrong? - by Edwin (Toronto, Canada)
Switch the two prongs that are connected to your power source and the positive wire on your lights.
I'm assuming this is just like any other switch, only designed to fit in a 1.44 x .83 hole? I like this shape more than the round switches and I don't own a Toyota. - by Brandon (Texas)
Do the LEDs provide the color, or is it the lens on the switch? - by Kris (Baltimore, MD)
The lens on the switch provides the color.
Is it difficult to open up the switch and solder another LED in to change the color? - by Austin (Johnson City, TN)
Yes, very difficult. Its not too hard to open up, but its nearly impossible to re-assemble it without damaging it.