Waterproof, Stainless Steel Bezel - Push Button On/Off Switch, with LED Dot - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Can I hook 2 led bolt lights to one switch? - by chris (florida)
Yes. And several more also.
I am hardwireing a gps unit to a snowmobile, will this switch work to cut power and prevent battery drain when gps is not in ise?
What gauge wire do you use for the pre-wired switches - by Tedd (Los Angeles, CA)
22 gauge
Do you plan on getting any momentary switches? - by jay (Lawton, OK)
We don't plan to, but happy to get them for you if you can order a few hundred.
Why is the switch on all the time? Is it wired wrong?
Yes, the black wire goes to ground, the red wire goes to your constant power source, and the brown wire goes to the circuit you are powering. It sounds like you have the brown and red wire hooked together.
how deep a cavity needs to be available for the backend of the switch? - by Mike (indianapolis, in)
As you can see from the diagram on the "Technical Info" tab, about 36 mm which is about 1.5 inch.
I need a switch that lights up any time that 12V is at the load whether the switch is On or Off. Does this switch do that? What switches do you have that do that? I'd like to select from the set that do this. - by Steve (Maryland)
This switch is certainly capable of doing that.

Please see the pin out diagram on the "Technical Info" tab.
in order to have the light illuminated when the switch is switched off? Is a relay necessary or just switch the wires? - by Brett
You can certainly wire the switch that way. A relay is not needed.
Is the LED 12V? I saw another manufacturer's switch say the LED was a different voltage. - by Bill (Vancouver, WA)
The LED is 12V.
what is the amp rating on the switch ?? - by Gary (Live Oak, TX)
3 amps at 12 volts.
In the second question of this page your answer is what I am looking for but not sure how to accomplish.
I want the light to illuminate ONLY when the accessory is NOT receiving power thus it is off. How can I wire it like this? - by Jeff (Jupiter, FL)
You can use a relay.
What size drill bit is m16 in standard sizes ?
So M16 is a metric size drill bit, meaning 16 millimeters diameter.
According to Google, 16 millimeters = 0.62992126 inches
There's no exact equivalent American (SAE) bit.
You can either buy a metric drill bit at your local hardware store, or if you already have a set of SAE bits, just choose one that is close.
guys is there any wire combination (black red & brown) that will illuminate the switch in a hand held light application - by Garry (Greensboro, NC)
Not sure what you mean by handheld application, but the way it is wired now, the light will come on when the switch is turned on. When the switch is turned off, the light will turn off.

You're welcome to re-wire the switch so the light can be controlled independently. Just see the "Technical Info" tab for a wiring diagram which shows the different pins on the switch.
Do you have momentary switches that look like these?
Nope, but can certainly get them. Can you order at least 50 pieces?
What size hole needs to be drilled for this switch? - by Zach (Oklahoma)
In metric it is an M16 bit (16 mm to inches is 0.6299").
What is the load rating? - by Paul (Moreno Valley, CA)
The load rating is 3A/250V, so at 12V, that would be a bit higher. I'd say at least 10 to 15 amps at 12 volts.
Are these waterproof? - by Steve (Marion, Il)
Yes, as already mentioned in the product description, "Stainless steel, and IP68 rated. Fully waterproof from the the front at least..."
If I am installing this in my car will it stay off until a press it again or will it automatically turn on every time it gets power when I turn the car on? - by Alex (United States)
Its as simple as this: Push the button to turn it on. Push it again to turn it off.

It will not turn on automatically. It will only turn on (send power through the switch) when you push it. And it will only turn off (stop sending power through the switch) when you push it again.
Are these rated for 120V power source?
No, 12v.