Sold per unit. So if you enter a quantity of "1", you will receive 1 light. If you enter a quantity of "2" you will receive 2 lights, and so on.

Choose from a narrow angle Spot beam, or a wide angle Flood beam.
YES, both lenses are included in the box, and you're able to easily swap between them.

Stackable and modular design with unlimited mounting options.

Each light is built with one single 10 watt LED chip. High energy efficiency & stability.

Super compact. Great for applications where you don't want a big light, but still need something really bright.

Fully dimmable, waterproof and shockproof (IP67)*.

* What does the IP67 waterproof rating mean?
IP67 means for it is totally protected against dust & protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m.
Please note that products with IP67 ratings are NOT designed to be permanently mounted under water.

Heavy duty aluminum alloy housing.

Hooks up to any 12V power source.

Popular applications:
4x4 off road vehicles, construction machinery, trucks, sport utility vehicles, mining machinery, building projection lights, outdoor commercial lighting, night mowing, towing vehicles, marine & boats, landscape lights and much more.