10W Modular & Stackable Cree LED Work Lights - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

So the price we pay is $34.xx?
The cost is $36.69, quantity of four or more is $26.99.
You have these priced at 24.99, but once you add them to your cart the price changes to 34.99? - by Mike
The normal price is $34.99, the other price is for large quantity orders.
Would these work for bed light in my truck. Thinking of using two one on each side of the bed. - by Mike
Sure, go for it.
What is the amperage requirement for these ? - by Keith (Fort Mill, SC)
They draw 0.8 amps.
How much do these weigh? - by Keith (Fort Mill, SC)
365 grams or 0.804687 pounds.
Mine just arrived and the cable says 9 to 60V but your tech sheet says 10 to 35V and then I see where you run them at 12V. I have a choice of 8,16,24,32,40, or 48. What is the real spec? - by Gene (Burlington, WA)
Not sure about the cable, but the input voltage range spec is given by the factory. We run it at 12v in our testing just because it's a typical voltage for LED products. The actual driver should have some more margins to accept voltage outside the range. It still works but we don't recommend it since it may affect the performance, reliability and lifetime. I think 16, 24, 32v are preferable amongst those voltage options.
Polarity of leads?
Does it make any difference for polarity? - by Tom
Has two wires, red and black for hot and ground. They are polarity protected.
Do these come in Uv I am looking for a 12volt 10 watt or more Uv (blacklight) for fishing line
Look at the Flexible led strip, it comes in UV and works great for fishing. https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-flex-strips
Do these light units come with the mounting hardware and wire pigtail as shown? G.Small - by George (Chapel Hill, NC)
Yes, of course :)
Are these lights dimmable? Can I use them in an installation where I have an automatic dimmer switch that brings the light slowly up to full brightness and then slowly dims to off? - by George (Chapel Hill, NC)
Dimmable, yes. Should work on your automatic switch if it is 12V DC.
can i submerse this light in water?
While this is not designed to be submerged in water like some of our marine LED lights, you're still welcome to submerge it in water if you'd like.

It may work for quite some time, and then eventually stop working. It just depends. It depends on a number of things like how long you keep it submerged, how deep you submerge it, and the water composition (salt, fresh, etc).
Do you make or is there colored lenses for these lights? I would be interested in both red and amber lenses. - by Doug (Tahuya, Washington)
We can get colored lenses for these lights. We could also make these with different colored LEDs.
How many do you need?
how long will 1 of this lights burn on a averege motorcycle battery?
It is rated for 30,000 hours.
Im thinking about using these for an extra set of back up lights on my truck, are they going to be bright enough? Two of them either in the flood or spot?
Thanks! - by Matt (Alma Center, Wi.)
Whether they are bright enough is subjective. People have used them as backup lights though. Perhaps you can order some and test them out. If they don't suit your needs, you're of course welcome to return them.
How waterproof AND weather proof is this product? - by Jordan (Kenosha, WI)