A Beast of a light, with a Huge performance.

You can now experience super bright illumination with our 48W LED work light. Sixteen pieces of 3W LEDs are arranged in an orderly, attractive pattern, giving you a very high intensity of 1800 lumens. Highly efficient, with a rigid, strong appearance! Compared with a normal halogen bulb, it has much stronger light transmission rate but less heat.

The wide operating voltage range, means you can power it at any voltage from 10V to 30V. Aluminum alloy housing. Stainless steel mounting bracket. Good heat dissipation. Shockproof and an IP68 waterproof rating.

Easy installation with included stainless steel mounting bracket. Just bolt it on. It can be applied to different types of trucks, and heavy tractors. For example: off-road vehicles, ATVs, trucks, engineering vehicles, back up light, off road lighting, trailer interior & exterior lighting, construction lighting, garden, and even boat lighting.