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Black GTO Wire
Black GTO Wire
Q: Can I use this indoors for a 25' run of straight cove molding neon tube? - by Michael (Long Island N.Y.)
A: Yes.
Q: Why can't you splice GTo wir? - by Efrain (san antonio.work for)
A: You can, while you can cut the insulation and twist wires together it is better and a NEC and UL requirement to use High Voltage Connectors to form a "legal" splice.
Q: does the "o" in GTO stand for "oil" as in oil furnaces pre 1900 - by Mike (841 West Monroe St. )
A: No, stands for Gas Tubes Only.
Q: Can this wire be used for any high voltage project? [Around 10,000.] - by ROBOCOP603
A: Yes
Q: What do you use to splice GTO 14 AWG 15000V?
A: Simply cut off the insulation and twist the wires together.
Q: What it the overal diameter of the wire? - by Steve
A: 1/4 inch.
Q: Guage-awg, Voltage Rating and Insulation Temperature rating please - by John
A: 14 awg, 105 degrees Celsius at rated voltage, 15000 volts max voltage
Q: is gto wire going to be fazed out any time soon? ian trinidad - by ian (trinidad west indies)
A: Don't think so, Why?
Q: how many foot per box?
can i have a special price on whole box?
A: A whole box of GTO Wire is 250feet.
We can sell it to you for about $.80 per foot.
This would be a special order, not sure of the lead times.
Q: what does GTO stand for? - by Marion (clearwater, fl)
A: Gas Tube Only
Q: Does this wire have two separate strands as could be used as an extension without having two separate wires that need to be routed and hidden? If not, where would a product like that be found? - by Brandon (Texas)
A: This wire does not have two seperate strands.
Q: Is this for a whole box of wire? How long is the wire for 99 cents? Thanks. - by Chris (Modesto, CA)
A: As the description already states, it is "sold per foot".