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Would this wire be safe to use on your LED Modules (24 AWG)?
I have four wires left in hooking up my new car radio, two wires from the radio harness are one solid purple the other is purple with a black stripe, the two wires from the car harness are, one solid purple and the other purple with a white stripe. Do I hook the two solid together and the black stripe and white stripe together? Thanks for your help, Paul - by Paul (Moorhead, MN)

Sorry, I don't have any information to show how your car is wired. Sound like one is positive and one is negative, you should test the wire with a volt meter or just go for it.
Is this wire tinned or is it straight copper? - by Colin (Theodore, AL)
Stranded steel.
Is the wire GLX rated automotive wire? - by Doug (Iowa)
Sorry, don't know what that means.
Hi, if I want to hook up multiple LEDs in single circuit do I need to use a wire gauge which is suitable for the total current load, and if the LEDs are prewired do i have to remove the installed wire and install the newer ones? Thanks

BTW I checked this link and ths some questions aroused
To be honest, I don't know that technical detail. Perhaps someone on the forum does.
But I've wired thousands of pre-wired LEDs on the same circuit before, all using the normal wire, and its been just fine.
Assume you know that each LED draws about 20 mA, and so that'd be 100 LEDs to reach 2 amps of current.
Do you ever get tired of asking questions?
We don't ask questions. We just answer them :)
I'm looking to wire a few pre-wired leds from the battery through the fuse,to a switch, and then to the leds themselves. A friend of mine has a positive and negative wrapped in a brown sleeve so that instead of running two wires through the firewall its as if its only one going through the firewall because the two wires are wrapped together. Do you sell any wires that are bundled together for a "cleaner" appearance? - by Tony
Sorry, no.
what is the max amp rating for 18 gauge - by Anthony (Snow Hill, NC)
10 amps at 12 volts
if you buy the flexible LEDs for instance and put them in your engine bay do you need wire to hook them up to or does wire come with them? - by Hayden (Spring, TX)
The Flexible LED strips come with 3-ft lead wire. But you can always extending wire.
if you buy the flexible LEDs do you have to buy wire to? or does it come with some? - by Hayden (Spring, TX)
The Flex Strips come with 3 feet of lead wire. You probably need more, but that depends on your install.
how long of a wire does this package come with?
As mentioned on the product page, this wire is sold by the foot.

For example, if you need 20 feet, simply enter a quantity of "20", and you will get a 20 foot wire.
how well would this wire stand up to a marine environment? its going on my boat and will be covered for the most part but will be exposed to some water at times.
thanks - by Ethan (Forney, TX)
We haven't tested it in a marine environment, but it should be fine.
I'm in the outdoor low voltage lighting business and have a lot of spare wire around used for 12 volt systems. Would using 12 gauge wire effect the led's at all or anything else??? that would make things cheaper for me..lol - by Denny (Aurora, Canada)
The gauge of wire doesn't really matter.
If I order 2 colors say 10 feet of each, can i have the two jackets fused together to make one wire with the two wires I asked for? - by Taylor (Southlake, TX)
Our 18ga hookup wire comes on individual rolls by color from the manufacturer. We do not carry that type of "fused together" wire.
do you /could you sell striped wire also? ie: liek in aftermarket stereo head units.. the wires come in colors such as grey/black stripe, orange/red stripe, yellow/blue stripe, etc...

Can you do those? If not... does anyone know ANYWHERE that sells these obscure striped wires?
Sorry, we only sell single color wires.
Check local hardware store (electrical section) for these multi-colored wires.
ok i need wire? but i'm confused. you say one color.. usually wire is black and red positive and negative? lets say i order black. is there a pos and neg or just a positive?? this might seem pointless...but i need black wire and if it comes with pos and neg. how do i tell which one is what? Thanks!
Wire does not come with pos and neg. Wire is just a "conduit" with which the pos and neg can flow through.

It is just a common practice to use wire with black outer plastic for negative, and red for positive. It doesn't really matter what color the wire is as long as you hook up the circuit properly.

Think of it like this: The same copper pipe can carry both hot and cold water. The only difference is one may be labeled H, and the other C.
During restoration, I am trying to match specific colors of wire on the original audio wiring harness of my 69 Camaro. Where can I see the exact colors of what you have available? - by Ken (Imperial, MO)
We don't have a photo showing all colors at this time. Keep an eye on the 18 Gauge Hookup Wire page, we'll add one as soon as we can.
i am going to be adding (2) 9.5" and (2) 4.7" Flexible LED strips to my engine bay, about how much neg and pos hook up wire should i get, and is using 18 gauge OK, or should i go bigger like 16ga - by Jorge (Miami, FL)
Couldn't tell you how much you need. Try measuring, or use your best judgment. 18 gauge is fine!
If I order 20 feet of blue wire, will it come as 20 individual pieces, or one big wire? - by Taylor (Alpha, IL)
You will get one long wire.
I just need some power wire. Would I need to order red for power and black for ground? Or does it come with both? - by Adam (Texas)
You can order whichever colors you need. If you order red, you will get red. If you don't order black, you will not get black. If you order both red and black, you will get both red and black.
So can I extend the power wires on cathodes and the flexible led strips with 18 gauge wire even though their wires are smaller? - by David
I plan on running about 15 prewired LEDs, 8 superfluxes, 2 cathode kits, meteor kit, and 9.5 Million Color Strips. I plan on splicing and soldering everything to a main power wire. Will 18 gauge be too little of a gauge to do this with? Will it be too much current running through only 18 gauge. What would you recommend? Thanks! - by Jeff (Ohio)
18 gauge wire will work great for installing your lights inside the vehicle. However, we recommend using a slightly larger gauge wire in between the battery and your distribution block / switch / etc - at least 16ga.