RGB 4 Conductor Zip Wire for LED Strips - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

Is the wire thined - by Timothy (United States)
It is 22 gauge stranded. Sorry, don't know what you mean by thined.
if its $0.30 a foot how much is a spool
Our standard spool length has 2000 feet of wire, so once you activate wholesale pricing, $0.24 x 2000 = $480.
How many feet of wire is on the wheel as pictured? - by Brian (Salisbury, NC)
Don't know. Perhaps 50 feet. We just put some wire on that wheel to take a photo.
Our standard spool length (not pictured) is 2000 feet.
It's .30 a foot? - by Jarvious
Yes, as mentioned on the product page, "Sold by the foot."
So if you enter a quantity of "10", you will receive 10 feet.
Is there any way to get it in a round wire instead of flat? if not how wide is the wire set?
.25 inches or 6.36mm
what gauge is the wire
22 gauge
Is this stranded wire or solid pieces? - by Jordan (Kenosha, WI)