RGB 4 Conductor Zip Wire for LED Strips FAQs

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RGB 4 Conductor Wire
RGB 4 Conductor Wire
Q: Is the wire thined - by Timothy (United States)
A: It is 22 gauge stranded. Sorry, don't know what you mean by thined.
Q: if its $0.30 a foot how much is a spool
A: Our standard spool length has 2000 feet of wire, so once you activate wholesale pricing, $0.24 x 2000 = $480.
Q: How many feet of wire is on the wheel as pictured? - by Brian (Salisbury, NC)
A: Don't know. Perhaps 50 feet. We just put some wire on that wheel to take a photo.
Our standard spool length (not pictured) is 2000 feet.
Q: It's .30 a foot? - by Jarvious
A: Yes, as mentioned on the product page, "Sold by the foot."
So if you enter a quantity of "10", you will receive 10 feet.
Q: Is there any way to get it in a round wire instead of flat? if not how wide is the wire set?
A: .25 inches or 6.36mm
Q: what gauge is the wire
A: 22 gauge
Q: Is this stranded wire or solid pieces? - by Jordan (Kenosha, WI)
A: Stranded