500 Foot Roll of Primary Hookup Wire FAQs

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500 Foot Roll of Hookup Wire
500 Foot Roll of Hookup Wire
Q: In each roll of wire are there 2 wires? 1 red and one black?
A: No. In each roll of wire, there is only 1 wire (whichever color you choose).

If you're looking for something that has 2 wires merged together, thats something called "zip wire", "zipper wire", or "2 conductor wire".

We offer it like that with 4 wires for RGB applications: RGB 4 Conductor Wire
Q: is this wire suitable for wiring of lights on a Pontoon? - by Andres (O Fallon, MO)
A: Yes. Make sure the connections are waterproof.
Q: Is this wire suitable for outdoor use. If not, what is recommended? - by Wanda
A: You're welcome to use this wire for outdoor use.
Q: is there any copper in this spool of wire
A: Yes.
Q: is this wire even any good for hookin up lights
A: Yes, of course.
Q: can i use this 18 gauge and connect it to a 20 gauge to make the 20 gauge longer
A: Yes!
Q: How many strands make up one wire?
What is the insulation material? (e.g., teflon, PVC, silicone, etc.) - by Steve (Virginia)
A: 16, polyvinyl.
Q: Are the individual strands tinned? - by Doug (Oriental, NC)
A: No
Q: Is this wire banded 2 wire for positive and negative or is it single stranded? - by Marshall (Brooklyn, NY)
A: This wire is single stranded.