500 Foot Roll of Primary Hookup Wire - Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Oznium Customers

In each roll of wire are there 2 wires? 1 red and one black?
No. In each roll of wire, there is only 1 wire (whichever color you choose).

If you're looking for something that has 2 wires merged together, thats something called "zip wire", "zipper wire", or "2 conductor wire".

We offer it like that with 4 wires for RGB applications: RGB 4 Conductor Wire
is this wire suitable for wiring of lights on a Pontoon? - by Andres (O Fallon, MO)
Yes. Make sure the connections are waterproof.
Is this wire suitable for outdoor use. If not, what is recommended? - by Wanda
You're welcome to use this wire for outdoor use.
is there any copper in this spool of wire
is this wire even any good for hookin up lights
Yes, of course.
can i use this 18 gauge and connect it to a 20 gauge to make the 20 gauge longer
How many strands make up one wire?
What is the insulation material? (e.g., teflon, PVC, silicone, etc.) - by Steve (Virginia)
16, polyvinyl.
Are the individual strands tinned? - by Doug (Oriental, NC)
Is this wire banded 2 wire for positive and negative or is it single stranded? - by Marshall (Brooklyn, NY)
This wire is single stranded.