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Remote Control On/Off Switch - LEDs, 12 volt accessories

Remote Control On/Off Switch

1 Channel$24.99
1 Channel - Solid State$28.99
2 Channel$24.99
4 Channel$39.99

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Let's be totally honest with each other. The 1980's style rocker switch that's powering your sweet LED setup isn't impressing anyone. And you know it's not getting any sleeker.

The Dremel hole that wasn't cut 100% accurate isn't quite "classing" things up either. It's okay... With Oznium's new remote control relay switch, you can upgrade your setup from ashy to classy.

Eliminate the hours of wiring we both know you can live without. No more needing to blindly feed wires through your firewall. Control your entire LED setup with a spiffy little keychain designed to resemble that of an auto keyless entry system.

With its long, extended range, you'll be able to control a complete show-stopping setup from the other end of the parking lot. No more needing to hop in the drivers seat to show off your ride. Control any 12 volt device with this remote control relay switch.


  • Remote On and Off control for any 12 Volt DC devices such as auto lighting kits, computer accessories, or other electronic applications
  • High quality micro key fob construction similar to automotive keyless entry systems
  • Easy to wire with basic electrical wiring knowledge
  • Solid State option (1 Channel): shock resistant, smaller receiver, and no click sound.
  • 4 styles provided: 1 channel, 1 channel (solid state), 2 channel and 4 channel

What's the difference between Solid State and the others?
The "1 Channel - Solid State" option is shock resistant, comes with a smaller receiver box, and is silent when turned on/off.
This is because there's no moving parts. Instead of using a mechanical / magnetic relay, it uses a solid state relay.

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Great stuff

Reviewer: MSS (Lockbourne, OH)
Item: Remote Control On/Off Switch

This remote I had installed it in my car as a protection from burglars it won't start until I press on great product I press it abt 20 times per day for the past 2 years , the only problem the red plastic fell off after dropping it abt 10 times ,

Thank u oznium

VTX1300R Update

Reviewer: Jeff Metzker (Williston, OH)
Item: Remote Control On/Off Switch

I installed this on My VTX1300R to control the flexable red, white and yellow led's I put under and around the motor, saddle bags, and front tire. Works great. Only issue is it does not come with any mounting tabs or tape.

Solid State Remote Control

Reviewer: Pat Long (Marietta, GA)
Item: Remote Control On/Off Switch

I installed the solid state controller to control some led running lights on my 2014 Tacoma 4WD, It took me about an hour but I am particular about making any new wiring look factory installed. The controller is installed under my dash and does not make any sound when activated. Simple to install and great range- I am getting about 150' with no problem. Excellent product, great service- Highly recommended.

The only way to go!

Reviewer: Jim............ (Hickory, PA)
Item: Remote Control On/Off Switch

I put some led accent lighting on my Harley, and didn't want to have to worry about finding a place to put a switch where the wires could be hidden. So I decided to go with the wireless solid state remote switch. I am so glad I spent the extra few bucks for the remote switch. I love it! It is a very compact switch,and is easy to wire. Works like a charm.

Perfect Solution

Reviewer: Robert Grant (Bakersfield, CA)
Item: Remote Control On/Off Switch

I bought the remote control unit to power on/off the bedroom light in my RV as my wife can no longer reach up to do that due to problems with both shoulders. I received the unit today, spent less than a half hour to install and test it. Suffice it to say the unit was simple to install and does exactly what I needed it to do. This remote control unit is a blessing as wiring in a switch was not a possibility. Thank you Oznium for this reasonably priced solution to our problem.


Reviewer: dale robertson (Maryborough, Australia)
Item: Remote Control On/Off Switch

I used the controller and three LED bars in my car port.
The wife loves it, just come up in the car and turns them on.
(Happy wife happy life.)


Reviewer: martin monks (Grosse Ile, MI)
Item: Remote Control On/Off Switch

I used the remote to turn a pump on. Impressive distance.

Great Product !!!

Reviewer: Antonio J Zito (Macedon, NY)
Item: Remote Control On/Off Switch

This remote is awesome. Took it out of the mailbox and installed it. So easy! A guy at a parts store tried selling me a remote for cars that was $50. Would have been harder to install. This was way easier to install and works great.

The distance is amazing...

Reviewer: Louis (Whitestone, NY)
Item: Remote Control On/Off Switch

Without even pulling up the antenna!

works great!!!!

Reviewer: Anthony J Beltran (Whittier, CA)
Item: Remote Control On/Off Switch

works great , and was a breeze to install. best bang for your buck!!!

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