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12 inch LED Waterproof Flexible Silicone Encased Strip

Silicone Encased LED Strips

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Sold in 12" increments, our Silicone Encased LED Strips are very similar to the LED Ribbon strips. The light emitted from the these strips is not directional. The LED's are a high quality surface mount type that emits a much brighter and evenly spread glow. Beside being brighter, these strips are so flexible you could easily wrap them around almost anything.

Our strips are not only used by car enthusiasts! They are used for lighting projects by designers, developers, inventors, home owners, and if you have a creative application for these please don't hesitate to contact us for support! We're constantly working with many professionals to turn their ideas into a reality!

These LED's are very bright with a wide viewing angle. They will keep your electricity bill low as they draw very little power. They are extremely efficient and will not waste energy as heat, meaning you don't have to worry about fire danger and will not have to fight the extra heat emissions with your air conditioner. This is another benefit with our extremely bright LED's.

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guitar l.e.d's from space!!

Reviewer: chance gallagher (Boulder, CO)
Item: Silicone Encased LED Strips

I am going to install these inside my guitar pickups to make them look like they glow from within!! these strips ARE 100% flexible and are more than perfect for adding to many other things besides cars.They do run on a 9 volt battery but just not as bright. i will be using 2 12 volt 23a mini batteries in parallel to acheive greater run time!! incredible lights!!!!

Like Daylight

Reviewer: Chris (Stationed in Germany)
Item: Silicone Encased LED Strips

Every time I open my Hatchback I expect to hear angels singing.. Awesome product and easy to use, installed them in my trunk because the stock light was not enough. What a difference they make. Highly recommended.

Great Lights

Reviewer: Alex Robert Chavez (Waddell, AZ)
Item: Silicone Encased LED Strips

Put Them Inside My Cobalt SS To Light Up The Areas Your Feet Go And They Work Great Nice Product Got Them In 2 Days Well Worth The Money...Thx...Planning On Getting All My Lights From This Site

Great spoiler LED replacement

Reviewer: JBD (TX)
Item: Silicone Encased LED Strips

Got product in less than a week and works great to fit into spoiler brake lite housing. Just splice wires and it's good to go. Won't burn out quickly like those single LED lites--and it's waterproof !! Sure beat $70 price tag for entire spoiler light.

Super bright!

Reviewer: ~KDUB (Pensacola, FL)
Item: Silicone Encased LED Strips

'Totally would recommend this!

super bright!!
I plan on using the 2 strips i ordered as day time running lights... (like the new Audi) i will post pic.s

The plastic water proofing was a little wider then I was thinking but no big deal.
I do wish it came with 3M double sided tape already on it. But that shouldn't be to hard to find.

BUY it!

Bright and Easy to install, Gummy coating.

Reviewer: cobb (Richmond, VA)
Item: Silicone Encased LED Strips

I bought these to go under my dash, I wished I had bought some for under my car. Very flexible, very bright. I hooked them to my dome light to come on when I open my doors or key my alarm.

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